Chapter 17

In-Game Start Date: Mol, 9 Rhaan 998YK (Monday, 9 September)
Game Played: 10 March 2010


The game picked up just after escaping from Metrol with Zagodin in captivity, still blinded and tied up, and the warforged wizard stripped of his possessions and thrown overboard. Shortly after they get out to relative safety Cadence bequethed the Fiendstone Constitution Shard to Centerleft, asking him to keep it safe, and to keep it a secret. The airship was on the way to Gatherhold, where it will be staying for a few days to make repairs, restock and head to Thronehold and then back to Sharn; it should touch down in Gatherhold on the 10th just after noon.

9 Rhaan

Land in Gatherhold, Tarius starts researching Summon Peasant, while staying onboard the airship. Todd goes to the Gatherhold Gold Dragon Inn, while Centerleft gets a temporary job at Black Axe Outfitters manning the bellows for the communal forge. Thrash gets a room at Long Tooth Tavern and Torion gets himself a Deinonychus by calling in a favor at the local Vadalis outpost. Here Torion learns that shipments of dinosaurs from The Talenta Plains to his island, Isla Mogrova, have been halted, and Vadalis has not told anyone why. Torion decides to spend the time in Gatherhold at the stables, training his dinosaur and sleeping on his magic bedroll.
Late that night, shortly after the ninth bell has rung, while Tarius is prowling the streets he encounters what he believes to be a drunken half-elf in an alley. When he approachs to take advantage of the poor soul the half-elf reveals himself to be a Vigilant Sentinel of Aerenal, a true-blood Aerenal elf. Tarius turns to run back down the alley but his way is blocked by an Undying Councillor and 4 Undying Soldiers. The councillor begins telling Tarius how he must change his ways, saying the following;

"At one time you were simply a mad wizard, an embarassment to our people. We were content with allowing you to live in your squalor and shame, far from our noble people. Since that time you have made yourself an abomination, and Aerenal can simply not allow you to exist, for your very existence is a shame to our race, a dark blot on the soul of our very nation. We extend you the courtesy of submitting to a cleansing, but should you refuse, and thus refuse to make amends for your ways, we shall be forced to destroy you and everything your heresy has touched."

It is at this point that the monk of the Unspoken Word appeared from nowhere. He said "My pardon Elf, but I have use of this wizard as he is, and I am afraid I must ask that you take your leave."
Of course the councilor flew into a rage, indignified that anyone should claim precedence over he. The monk bowed and said simply "I am afraid I do not have time for this, my master bid me to return immediately." He then uttered a few words which reverberated with power, Tarius recognizing the Draconic words "Immortality Unmade" interwoven with another language, sounding as if two phrases were being spoken with one tongue. The monk then waved his staff over the wall to reveal a portal to a mountain-top, and bid Tarius to follow him.
Tarius then simply freaked, activated his spider-climb and ran right up the alley wall. When he reached the top the monk was there waiting for him, so he turned and ran back down to see the same sight again. The monk sighed and then basically prodded him through the portal. The monk then appeared to the remaining members of the party, asking them all to come with him in the same manner. Once he eventually either persuaded or compelled the group to go through the portals they found themselves all exiting their individual portals at the same time, standing in front of the monk on top of a humongous mountain range, which Todd immediately identified as the Mror Holds.

Once this little meet and greet is concluded the monk leads the party back down the steps, bows and says "Thank you so much for your time, now, I believe you had an Elf that demanded your attention." And waves the staff over the players. They open their eyes to see themselves back 5 minutes before the Aerenal Elves came to see them, just as the bells are ringing.

Game Recap


+1000xp for finishing Bounty Hunting mission, +500xp for encounter with Ougwai

Tarius +100xp for Blood of Vol priesthood, -680xp for Mask of Lies 25,070 xp
Todd -98XP From Scroll Creation, +50xp for feats, +50 xp for completing PHB Feats!, +100 for advancing plot with research 25,552xp
Thrash 25,150xp
Torion +100xp for island invasion negotations 24,950 xp
Centerleft +100xp for island invasion negotations 25,400xp

Todd's Droaam Knowledge Checks Results
History: 19 - Numerous ruins from the ancient hobgoblin empire of Dhakaan dot Droaam's landscape.
Geography: 22 - Once officially a part of Breland. Droaam is now the nation of monsters. It's population consists of gnolls, orcs, goblinoids, giants and other monstrous humanoids.
Droaam is governed by three hags called the Daughters of Sora Kell, who hold court in a metropolis called The Great Crag. It is a nation in only the loosest sense of the word. Though the hags petitioned to be included in the talks leading to the Treaty of Thronehold, they were rejected and are not officially recognized as a nation. The rulership of the hags is fragile, with a system of tribute serving as the only real government keeping the various clans and warlords in line.
Other powerful groups in Droaam include the Dark Pack (Werewolves and worgs that roam the south), a fire giant named Gorodan Ashlord, a community of medusas led by the Queen of Stone, and the followers of an Ogre Mage named Tzaryan Rrac.
Nobility: 15 - House Tharashk acts as a broker for the services of Droaamite mercenaries across Khorvaire. House Deneith resents this intrusion into a field traditionally its own.
Religion: 15 - Most inhabitants of Droaam hate the Church of the Silver Flame. Priests of the Mockery and the Shadow are found in Droaamish communities, along with a few cults dedicated to the Dragon Below.

Todd's Lhazaar Principalites Knowledge Checks Results
History: 26 - The Lhazaar Principalities declared their independence from Galifar early in the Last War.
The Lhazaar-Galifar war started in 28 YK and lasted for a decade before the Lhazaar princes finally became a semiautonomous province of the young Kingdom of Galifar.
The Lhazaar Principalities was the site of the first human settlement in Khorvaire.
Geography: 19 - The Lhazaar Prinicipalities is a nation of factions that vie for supremacy. It's population is primarily human, with a strong gnome, half-elf and changeling presence.
Dozens of princes control land and ships in the Principalities. Ryger ir'Wynarn is the best known, since he represented the Principalities at the Thronehold discussions. Ryger seeks to unite the Principalities into a true nation, but has met with strong resistance from the other lords.
Nobility: 25 - House Thuranni is based in the Lhazaar Principalities. The other houses have a minimal presence.
Currently, the prince among princes is undoubtedly Ryger ir’Wynarn, self-proclaimed heir to the royal bloodline of Galifar and commander of the largest fleet sailing the Lhazaar Sea, Prince Ryger’s Seadragons. He hopes to unite all the princes under his banner, but he is far from accomplishing that lofty goal.
Prince Mika’s Cloudreavers: Wild and terrible, a powerful band of marauders known as the Cloudreavers hides in the caves and coves around Port Krez to strike swiftly at passing ships or those whose crews have been disoriented by the mists of the Gray Tide.

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