Chapter 18

Date Played: 17 March 2010
In-Game Start Date: 21 Rhaan 998YK
In-Game End Date: 8 Sypheros 998YK, Launching attack on the 9th.

Over the two weeks leading up to the Tain Gala the party members took care of some of their individual interests. Torion and Centerleft spent the time collaborating with Captain Meira and hashing out an attack plan. Tarius spent the time working in his newly renovated morgue, rearranging furniture to suit his tastes, running a couple Blood of Vol ceremonies out of his secret third floor cult safehouse. Tarius also finished making a Mask of Lies and researching the Summon Peasant spell. Todd attended to his classes and professor duties, getting to know his two assistants. Thrash hunted down a couple of minor bounties, and managed to persuade a fisherman to give him his boat.
The Tain Gala
The party was asked to come to the Tain Gala to support Torion's pledge of vassalhood to Breland, and so they came for a variety of personal reasons, none really for support. Centerleft came because Meira told him it would be expected, Tarius and Thrash came to basically stir up trouble for their amusement, and Todd came basically came to try and see what he could learn about the nobility of Sharn. The ceremony went off beautifully, with Boranel accepting Isla Mogrova as a Vassal and pledging his support to the invasion of the island. It was somewhat spoiled by a terribly turned banquet table load of food, which Tarius had tainted with Horrible Taste to amuse himself. The caterer was assumed to be fired and a House Ghallanda member was summoned to Purify the food. Thrash took the opportunity to introduce himself to several key figures of government, in the process shutting down an acting troupe on the grounds of treason and procuring a permit to start a business of his own. Tarius also decided that he should make friends with the local government and put in a good word with the Minister of Health, which has started the process of including Graywall Morgue in the Health Services Guild, which would net him a steady flow of government contracted work (This would provide a +2? bonus to Profit Checks).
After the Gala was concluded the party gathered with the key planners of the invasion to discuss a plan of attack. It is here the rest of the party meets Nevimelk and Traven for the first time, and decides exactly what they are going to do.
Once the planning was concluded they went about purchasing last minute pieces of equipment for the attack, using 1000gp Meira awarded them, and Thrash formed his Orphan Open Theater on a Boat, known as the Serenading Sailors of Swordkeep.


Tarius +50 for Druid write-up 25,120 xp
Todd 25,552xp
Thrash +100 for Orphan Open Theater 25,250xp
Torion 24,950 xp
Centerleft 25,400xp
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