Chapter 19

In-game Start Date: 8 Sypheros 998YK, Launching attack on the 9th.
End-Game Date: 9th Sypheros 998YK, 18:00 an hour or so before Dusk.

Game Summary

Major Points

  • Party splits between airship recce and naval insertion
  • Airship recce runs into the black dragon over the bay
  • Torion successfully dehydrates it, and then it snatches him with a wingover. Ballista shoots the dragon in the back, criticalling it and dropping Torion.
  • Thrash teleports atop the dragon and attempts to poison the dragon with the leftover scorpion stinger, accidentally stabs himself in the hand, posions himself and falls unconcious off the dragon.
  • Torion flies up while summoning a giant eagle to catch thrash, uses an action point to swap a spell for Neutralize poison, then casts that on Thrash, followed by a cure light wounds to stabilize him.
  • The two watch the airship get torn in half and then plummet to the ground while the dragon roars overhead. They then head to the east beach in order to launch the coordinated assault.
  • The naval insertion team heads for the east beach, and is intercepted by a coordinated group of Tigrin ships, just off the shore.
  • There are a few exchanges of ballista and cannon fire before the ships head at eachother. Tarius casts Flaming Sphere atop the ships mast, and over the next few rounds moves it downwards to the ships powder room, exploding the main battleship and sinking it. Todd used control water to create a whirlpool and disable ships while the boat carrying Centerleft's infantry boarded a Tigrin longship and slaughtered all aboard.
  • Line-up to take the beach
  • Torion begins disabling lookout tower with warp wood
  • Tarius starts to fly overhead
  • Todd disables a bunker with fog cloud
  • Todd and Centerleft storm the archers with heavy infantry, the enemy surrenders quickly.
  • Tarius lands on north bunker and starts killing, infects 10 enemy with ghoul fever.


Experience: 1120 for beach commanders, 1280 for Bunkers/archers, 500 for naval blockade/airship fight. = 3000
Victory Points: +50 VP for airship, +50 VP for Blockade assistance, +70 VP Sieze the East Beach, +2 VP for assisting with healing of troops, +4 VP for 40 enemy soldiers killed, +5 VP for taking half an enemy platoon alive. Total Victory Points: 131/ 1100

Tarius +50 for fighter write-up, +50 for sharing his religion 28,220 xp
Todd +50 for healing allies, and taking prisoners 28,552xp
Thrash +50 for attempted draconic poisoning 28,300xp
Torion +100 for heroic rescue 28,150 xp
Centerleft +50 for military command 28,450xp
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