Chapter 20

Date Played: 8 April 10
In-Game Start Date: 9th Sypheros 998YK, 18:00 an hour or so before Dusk.
In-game End Date:

18:00 9th: Lose 2 Heavy Infantry assaulting bunker, set up two longships as CP and Casevac; Remaining Longships, Dromond and Warship stay offshore. OP placed in old command bunker.
19:30 9th: John negotiates with Devilfish, assigns to aquatic sentry. Todd does 21 heal check to run Casevac triage. Jungle defenses set by Centerleft.
20:00 9th: Last light stand-to, Interrogating captives.
Midnight: 10 former enemy soldiers rise as ghouls in the North Bunker.
8:00 10th: 50 men died throughout night to archer fire, prepared attack on Jurassic Park. John
12:00 10th Mined road explosion with ambush. 16 people are taken out.
14:00 - Attacks commence on JP and Ghoul Village.


Loot: Loot will be determined based on a search check done by the party on a reward table, stuff that is not found is assumed to be pocketed by another soldier who was looting corpses.
Yuan-Ti Commander: Bag of Tricks (Green), Staff of Earth Shaping 33 charges, +2 Ghost Ward Commander's Breastplate, Lesser Rod of Fury (+1 Deflection to AC, Empower 3rd level spell or lower 1/day)
Jurassic: Beast Command Circlet x5 attuned to Fastieth Mounts, Tame Magebred Battle Triceratops, Dragonmark Rod of Handling, Schema of Viper Gout
Ghoul Village: +2 Heavy Holy Undead Mace, Ghoust Shroud, 60 Blessed Bandage, 30 Cure Light Wounds Potions, 600 Rations, 300 gallons of Water, 20 Blast Disks


Experience: All players receive 1200xp.
Victory Points: Liberating Jurassic Park +50VP, Liberating Ghoul Village +50 VP, Capturing Yuan-Ti Commander alive 150VP. = 250 VP Total Victory Points: 281/ 1100

Tarius +50 for liberating his children and +50 for clever soldier in distress attack 29,520 xp
Todd +250 for taking enemy commander prisoner 30,002xp
Thrash +50 for awesome archery skills 29,550xp
Torion +100 for tactical assistance with roadblock 29,350 xp
Centerleft _50 for dramatic entrance through the gate 29,650xp
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