Chapter 21

Key moments

Tarius salvages ballistas from the wreckage of the airship south of the tower. Also enlists a couple rangers to man them.
Thrash's troops getting cut down by the 101st airborne elite thri-kreen psiblades
Torion shapeshifting and sneaking into the tower as a thri-kreen
Thrash being mindcontrolled
Tarius kills an intellect devourer with two direct ballista hits
Tarius lets his ghoulish brigade loose on the reserve platoon of Thri-Kreen commandos, kills both the Grey Glutton and Purple Glutton and all the troops in the platoon.
Nevimelk decimates a full platoon of psiblades with his energy ball attack.
Centerleft brings his heavy troops up in a flanking maneuver making a sweep of the attacking psiblades.
Nevimelk getting smashed by Todd's cannon barrage. (Nevimelk is Gentle Reposed and preserved for Raise Dead. At a later date)
101st airborne Psiblades finally surrender, after being reduced to just 5 men.
Torion casting heartache from the communication spirit on the commander and then rhino charging the commander off the tower "This Battle sucks… Ohmigod a horn's in my back!|
Thri-Keen commander uses Body Adjustment to regain hit points and then is promptly squished by the same catapult which killed Nevimelk.
Tarius runs up the walls of the tower and starts eating anyone he can see on the second floor. He finishes destroying the crystal array, the resulting explosion of latent mental energy knocks all remaining troops in the tower unconcious. (0hp)


Experience: All players receive 2800xp.
Victory Points: Taking the tower +60 VP, Killing the commander +100VP, Salvaging useful equipment 10VP = 170VP Total Victory Points: 451/ 1000

Tarius +100 for monk write-up, +300 for skill write-ups 32,720 xp
Todd +100 for catapult command 32,802xp
Thrash +25 for "help I've got crabs!" 32,375xp
Torion +50 for rhino charge! 32,200 xp
Centerleft 32,450xp
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