Chapter 22

Party begins fortification of the tower that afternoon, preparing for a possible counter-attack.
Major Points

  • Torion overseas the formation of a spike wall on the west entrance to the tower.
  • Tarius gathers the dead and begins locking them away in the airship tower basement.
  • Thrash overseas the placement of the catapults on the top of the tower.
  • When the counter-attack begins Torion churns the ground into mud which aids in breaking the first and second ranks of the attacking force.
  • Tarius launches fireballs into the ranks
  • An archer (possessed by an Intellect Devourer) turns on one of the other archers, killing him with a dagger to the back. Tarius, who missed the attack, casts Glitterdust to determine an invisible attacker's location.
  • The glitterdust reveals the hovering Bone Devil nearby, which responds with a hemisphere of ice to seperate the party.

The end result is the opposing army is routed, and two bone devils die, as well as the Intellect Devourer possessed archers.


Experience: 2,840
Total Victory Points: 451/ 1000

LEVEL UP: Party becomes level 9

Tarius 35,560 xp
Todd 35,642xp
Thrash 35,215xp
Torion 35,040 xp
Centerleft 35,290xp
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