Chapter 23
  • Siberys shard strikes the island, punching a hole through the volcano in the south, a golden dust settles over the island, and as it does it has a strange effect on certain aspects of the island. One such effect is the manifestation of dragonmarks on certain people, notably, on all five of the Sons of Siberys. Torion's mark grows in power, to the Greater Mark of Handling, Thrash's becomes the Lesser Mark of Finding, Todd gains the Least Mark of Travel, Centerleft gains the mark of the house that created him, The Mark of Making, and Tarius gains what they can only assume to be the Mark of Death, meaning he is from an ancient bloodline tied to House Vol.
  • After a battlefield conference, Centerleft assumes command of the main body of troops which will march against the Tigrin main force, at 0406. While that is happening, the remainder of the party is going to take a small skiff piloted by Traven around to a hidden cove wharf and then travel up the side of the cliff unseen to attack the Manor and the Commander within.
  • Tarius, Thrash and Todd get in the boat with Traven, along with Uncle Steve and two of the Psion's that Thrash assumed command of. Torion flies overhead as an owl, keeping an eye out for spotters. They reach the cove as expected, and travel up to the manor unseen. When they get to the manor they see a House Vadalis noble being escorted to a structure which used to be the Old Servant's Quarters. It has been rebuilt and being used as a sort of holding pen for sacrifices. From a ranger's communique earlier on that day they can surmise that Daellin Naello is scheduled to be sacrificed at the commencement of the battle today in order to gain a divine advantage for the fight.
  • Tarius assumes Tigrin form and approaches the guards, initially attempting to bluff his way in with a lie about the boss needing a prisoner. When the Tigrin express doubt about it, he claims to have an order written down on a piece of paper, and when he shows it, instead bites the closest one in the neck. A major fight breaks out with all the guards and the party taking part. The party manages to put down all the guards, suffering some wounds but managing to turn the tide in their favor, with Tarius even turning a Shadow Garrote back on his attacker during the fight.
  • The party posts the two psions as guards and moves on to take the manor, moving quickly through all of the rooms and ending up at the Commander's Map Room.

Experience: 2700xp
Total Victory Points: 605/1000 (Victory, hailed as a triumph to Breland.)

Tarius 37,260 xp
Todd 37,342xp
Thrash 37,915xp
Torion 37,740 xp
Centerleft Didn't Participate, led charge 36,290xp

Loot Table

Looted From Manor

Looted From Battlefield

Siege Weaponry; {+1 Psionbane Catapult, 3x Heavy Catapults, 2x Mass Cannons, 4x Heavy Ballistas (Ballistas remain at the Airship Tower)}
300 Spears, 250 sets of Studded Leather Armor,

Rewards from Breland
Torion: Given Rulership of the Island, and …
Centerleft: Given post as Isla Mogrova's official General

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