Chapter 3

Played Wednesday 05 June 08
Players: Berthelot playing Nevimelk and Geoff, John playing Torion, McAuley playing Throkk and Martin playing Eoin
Daellin stayed on ship.
Campaign Date: Game begins morning of the 16th of Therendor, 998YK

Highlights: Ghoul attack in the river, Surprise Ghoul attack on the beach, swarm of 7 ghouls on the beach, Geoff getting crippled by a lucky bite, entrance of Throkk and Eoin, battle with Ghast in the North Ruins.

Experience gained: Torion, Nevimelk and Geoff gained 800xp each
Throkk and Eoin gained 600xp each

Looted: In South Ruins: 1/2 of pyramid binding stone, Mwk Chain Shirt with Wolfran Emblem, Wolfran's Journal, Dragon Ruby,
In North Ruins: Scrolls both divine and arcane, potions of cure light wounds.

Game Ends: Afternoon of the 16th of Therendor, 998YK

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