Chapter 4

Played Wednesday 28th of May 08
Players: Berthelot playing Nevimelk and Geoff, John playing Torion and Brett playing Daellin
Campaign Date: Game begins Afteroon of the 16th of Therendor, 998YK

Players finish up looting the north ruins, coming across the dead body of Lord Wolfran in the jungle, as well as a dead mage and pirate whom they loot. They also find the second half of the elemental binding stone.
Throkk and Eoin return to the ship to recover when they run into Daellin who has just returned from getting cured of Ghoul Fever.
The party, now Daellin, Torion, Geoff and Nevimelk, head to the tower, and release the elemental Zarnax from the binding circle. He bids them to head to the manor so that he may have his revenge against his captor, Lord Wolfran, and then enters the stone until they meet up with Wolfran. Meanwhile, Nevimelk converses with the intelligent Zombie guard of the tower, who reveals his name to be Traven, the same name as the "Treacherous brother whom faithfully serves Wolfran at the tower".
The party leaves to go to the Manor and let the elemental confront his captor. They stop and refresh themselves at an inland lake, which is unnaturally cool, fresh and pure, despite it being fed by the saltwater Stillwater Cove that is infested with undead. It is only an hour from here to the manor, and the sun is beginning to set as they near the doors. A ruined outbuilding's well draws Torion and Daellin's attention, as sickly looking ravens begin to pile out of the Jungle and fill up the ruins. Within a minute the entire ruins are covered. The two by the well tie off a rope and decide to jump down the well, using a feather fall potion and token to cover the remaining distance, whilst the other two make a break for the front door of the manor. The ravens, now revealed to be an undead Carrionstorm, go after Nevimelk and Geoff who end up fighting off some of them in the entrance before slamming the door shut. They turn around to see a stuffed manticore in the entrance hall, along with several paintings of the various inhabitants.
Down below Torion and Daellin encounter a massive Dire bat, whom they converse with and ask permission to search the bodies of those it's eaten. One of the corpses looks familiar to Daellin and has a number of valuable items on it's body. They then make their way down the tunnel to a set of stairs up, but choose to explore further before ascending. They immediately run into some skeleton guards, whom they defeat, despite being originally split up and outnumbered 3 to 1.
Above the two explore the main floor, passing a hallway with a circular bloodstain resembling a staircase and a mummified monkey's head with a pull-chain in it's mouth on the wall, and coming into a dining room with two Soul-bound dolls sitting at the table. The dolls tell them their names and the girl asks if they've brought them dinner, even though she already has a rotting steak atop her plate. Nevimelk promises them pancakes and backs out of the room, slowly. They go into the drawing room, which is empty, save for a large window overlooking the water. When Geoff opens the curtain's covering the wall, Iesha Wolfran's face appears on the window for a second before fading away. Frightened, he smashes the window out.
The pair then enter what appears to be a casual library, features a pair of chairs, one of which lies on its side, set before a stone fireplace. A splash of dried blood stains the back of the northernmost chair. Every available inch of wall space features floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with books, their spines riddled with mold. A hunting bow, which radiates a faint magical aura, leans against the fallen chair. A brightly colored scarf, its reds and golds contrasting sharply with the drab, moldy palette of the room, is draped over the side of the fallen chair. A single book, open and face-down, sits on the floor between the chairs. A stone bookend, carved to look like a praying angel with butterfly wings, lies on its side in the fireplace itself; and an examination of the bookend reveals more blood, clots of hair, and bits of skull and flesh—in addition, part of one wing has been broken off and is missing. An adequate search by Geoff also reveals a mwk minorly magical dagger with dried blood on it's tip kicked underneath a bookshelf.
Nevimelk goes to pick up the longbow and the scarf jumps off the ground and wraps itself around his throat, choking him out before collapsing to the floor again, where Geoff hacks it to pieces. Geoff then drags Nevimelk into the spare room and goes looking for something to help him with.
Down below Torion decides to keep investigating the caverns, and stumbles across a wide room with a storm elemental raging inside. It hears him attempt to sneak by and asks him his business. Torion attempts to lie his way out, claiming he was a messager for Wolfran, not realizing that the Elemental IS Wolfran's spirit, which roars in angry response and moves to attack him.

EXP Awarded: 700xp each
Loot Plundered: Box of jewels and dragonshards, Figurine of Wonderous power(Jasper Spider), Crystal Dorje of Concussion Blast, eternal wand of cure lightwounds, wand of darkbolt (10charges), magical long bow, complete elemental binding stone, Protective bookcase and sheets of forger's paper and a few blank sivis notarized ID papers, a vial of blackwater, 10 clearwater tablets, a rust cube, 15 eternal rations.
Game Ends: Nightfall, the night of the 16th Therendor 998yk, and a heavy storm appears to be closing in on the island.

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