Chapter 5

Campaign Begins: Nightfall 16th therendor 998yk, a thunderstorm is approaching
State of Party: Torion is facing Storm/Wolfran, Daellin is by the stairs in the caves, Nevimelk is unconcious in room B8 (The Drawing Room), and Geoff just went back to the lobby to look for help.

Fire Elemental freed
The two guys escape upstairs, and the elemental shard explodes upwards
Ghost visits and heals Nevimelk
John flips through the books in B29
Brett pussy foots through the manor, opens door to the pantry and chucks a torch and oil onto the rats.
John casts resistance and goes into the fire with the Ad longsword to chop down support beams.
Brett finds the Anymug.
Nevi and Geof run to B7 to escape the falling floor.
Geoff takes Healing Kit + 3 vials( Cure lightwounds, Cure poison and Vial of striped Mushroom),
Nevi takes Large pink gem 20gp, The resist energy ring, Wolfran's trapped Journal,
Floor caves in.
John takes 8 bottles of fine bluevine wine, has a flashback to the war.
They smash open the door with the sword, and Brett cuts a gouge in his foot through his artery,
But Torion heals him back with a cure light wounds spell.

They rush upstairs and are attacked by the dolls,
The girl doll misses with her knife throw, John hits for 10 damage, (9)
Nevi shimmies along the wall and mindthrusts the raging boy and attempts to calm down the girl.
Brett shoots the girl, for 2 damage but she catches on fire.
Geoff drops the monkey in the fire, much to the girls delight.
Boy rages and runs to get Nevi but falls into the kitchen
John smashes girls head off
Boy comes out of the firepit on fire. And Brett shoots him.

Brett finds in the chest In the chest is a masterworked mini-harp, Traven's favored instrument, and a set of fingerless gloves which grant a +2 bonus to Perform (String Instrument) checks.
Torion recognizes Traven in the painting. Also a wand of Animate Rope with 8 charges.

Nevi opens Wolfran's Journal and takes 11 points of electric damage, knocking him to -9 and stabilizes.

John plays the harp with Iesha and gets a key.
John succeeds the suicide trap, and opens the lockbox
Inside the lockbox is; the deed to the Island/Manor, Iesha's Travelling Papers clearing her for travel to Karrnath, and a 1500gp kundarak letter of credit.

They continue upwards to the attack, at which point JOhn sees a floating dragonshard infused with elemental energy and Wolfran's tortured spirit. He carefully aims a bow shot and shoots it out of the air, where it cracks, shatters and falls to the ocean floor. The house then starts to fall down around them as they run to the exits, barely escaping the theatrical destruction.


They work their way down the cliffside to the boat launch where the Zombie Traven is awaiting ready to leave in an elemental skiff. The party piles in, and then meets up with their original ship, hiding Traven from sight. The ship sets sail back to Sharn, with the skiff and the party providing outer security. Once they return to Sharn Traven decides to head to Karrnath to learn more about his undeath condition. Nevimelk decides to give up the active adventuring life and settle into a mapmaking job within the Wayfinder's guild, Geoff decides to stay closer to home as a guard in Sharn and slowly advances through the ranks appropriately,
Torion and Daellin return to High Walls with Auric Davian. They recount their adventures to Brasco Nannin who laughs madly and reminds Auric that he warned him of their potential for collateral damage.
Torion and Daellin each get 300 gp from Auric, as promised. Torion cashes the 1500gp letter of credit, and Daellin takes the deed to Wolfran Island, with plans to renovate it as his stronghold. Torion uses a bit of his cash to purchase a permanent room, an actually nice room, in the Weary Unicorn and some things that may come in handy.

State of the world at campaign start

Daellin has renovated Wolfran Island, clearing out the Ghoul Village to the Northeast of the island, and beginning the rebuilding of the manor. He remains a strong ally of Torion, communicating with him through a magical mirror found in the wreckage.
Auric has become even more of a celebrity of late, telling his tales of adventure to anyone who will listen.
Nevimelk is an influential member of the Wayfinder's Guild.
Geoffrey is a member of the Sharn watch, actually rising to the rank of Sergeant and presiding over Callestan district.
Torion has risen among the ranks of House Vadalis slightly. He hasn't done much to actually raise the standing or profits of the house directly, but his name is starting to be mentioned a bit more lately in conversation. Also of significance; his dragonmark has been growing, expanding to a Lesser Mark of Handling, with his choice of power. This is theorized to be a response to his exposure to the massive Khyber Shard explosion at Wolfran's.

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