Chapter 6

Played: September 5, 09
Characters Present: Tarius, Thrash and Centerleft
In-game Session Start Date: Mol, Barrakas 2 998YK (Monday August 2)

The morning began as usual for Tarius, with him preparing his spells for the day and getting Smurch to clean up his room for him. Thrash went to his contractor's office with the Finders Guild in Dragon Towers and Centerleft sat barely active in Deathwatch awaiting some sort of command or direction.

Thrash had been busy over the last few weeks retrieving lost or stolen objects for nobility in Dragon Towers. This had been both mundane and sometimes exciting, as his searches brought him all over the underbelly of Sharn, excet for one pair of expensive glasses he found under a chair in the noble's own house within 5 minutes of being hired. Of course the story he told the employer 5 days later involved several pawn shop visits, a near death beating by hobgoblins in the cogs and a harrowing skycab chase; which made the reward a little bit nicer.
This morning however his contractor, Maedin ir'Cannin, didn't have any work for him and so he was told to take the day off. Thrash decided that he may as well go slumming a bit, maybe make some extra coins with his filcher's friend, and so headed off to the taverns in Deathwatch, figuring plenty of adventurers would be flinging around loose coin. A silver piece skycab ride and about a half hour of walking later brought him to Redblade's tavern, a well known adventuring hangout. This early in the morning there wasn't much activity, or at least there wasn't until he noticed the 7 ft tall adamantine covered warforged standing behind him.
"Can I help you?" Thrash asked the tall metal-man, to which the 'forged only replied "I'm following you now." Thrash didn't know that the docent in Centerleft's chest had urged him to follow "the child of the prophecy", but he figured that the 'forged had his mind made up and he sure as hell wasn't going to try and change it so he just continued on into the tavern with the armored behemoth in tow.

Meanwhile, over in Graywall, Tarius had finished up his morning routine. He checked with Scrappy to see if any new or outstanding work had come in that he was unaware of. His goblin apprentice assured him that they were quite out free at the moment, so the necromancer decided he fancied taking a stroll. He left Scrappy in charge of the front desk, told Uncle Steve to stay behind and help Scrappy and then wandered off to casually stroll through Tavick's Landing.

Thrash was sitting talking to an adventuring group recently returned from Xen'drik when he noticed Tarius enter the tavern, tap a man on the shoulder, whisper something to him, and when the man turned to look at a barmaid the necromancer took his beer and walked off with it. Thrash got a bit of a chuckle out of this, settled up his tab, and decided to follow the wizard to see what other tricks he may pull. After a couple more visits to various taverns Thrash was approached by a member of House Tharashk, Derrik ir'Tharashk who had been tasked to track him down and bring him to House Vadalis' estate for a job briefing.

Thrash hailed a skycab to bring them back to Dragon Towers. He climbed in with Derrik, and then had to push far over to one side to allow the large warforged access. Just as they were leaving Tarius hopped in, saying that he found the pair intriguing and wished to see what they were up to. Thrash has always been fairly laid back, so he just shrugged and allowed the Elf to accompany him along with his new Warforged friend, smirking at the entourage he seemed to be accumulating.

Once to House Vadalis' estate they were issued into the office of Ferrel ir'Vadalis, a widely recognized member of House Vadalis. Already sitting in the room was Torion ir'Vadalis, who had been speaking with Ferrel when they entered. The three of them were invited to sit, at which point Ferrel questioned the presence of the two newcomers. Thrash explained that the warforged had simply attached himself to him as a dog might, and the 'forged obviously seemed able to look after himself, so he just let it go. Tarius was also a recent acquaintance, but from what he could tell the necromancer seemed to have a grasp of magic. Ferrel accepted these explanations, somewhat pleased by the fact that he didn't need to contract out for a bodyguard or wizard if those two were coming along.

Ferrel then began to question the three adventurers, concentrating on past deeds, religous and national affiliations and loyalties, and specifically any association with the nation of Thrane. Once he was satisfied with their answers he dismissed his "lie detector", a medani elf with psionic powers, and began to lay out the job he had for them.

House Vadalis had an outpost up near Wolf's Paw in the Eldeen Reaches which has come under siege by a couple druidic cults; most notably being the Ashbound and the Children of Winter. The house needs to assess the situation, reinforce the area as required, and enstate a house rep as outpost commander. The representative in line for the position is young Orion ir'Vadalis, Ferrel's youngest son. The mission for the party is to escort Orion to Wolf's Paw, and ensure his safety upon arrival, then stay with the boy until the house reinforcements arrive two weeks later. The boy cannot travel with the reinforcements, as it would be too obvious and nobles have been kidnapped recently and held for ransom. Therefor the boy will travel with the party, discretely, by lightning rail, and then by land to Wolf's Paw. An additional caveat is that they are to avoid Thranish troops and officials at all costs; Ferrel has had some dealings go south with Thrane before and he fears retribution if they were to discover his son.

All parties involved agree to these terms, and then decide that a reward of 400 gold per person would suffice. Ferrel agreed to take care of all administration and travel expenses to and from Wolf's Paw. Ferrel also said that he has hired a Healer associated with the Wayfinder's Foundation to accompany them, and they would meet him the following day.

The party split ways to go tend to their affairs and then agreed to meet Ferrel and Orion at the Lightning Rail station in Wroann's Gate the next morning.

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