Chapter 7

Played: October 4, 09
Characters Present: Tarius, Thrash, Todd and Centerleft; Torion was present in-game, being played by the DM
In-game Session Start Date: Zol, Barrakas 3 998YK (Tuesday August 3)

Tarius - Autopsy case brought in, is found to be victim of a werewolf attack, curious blonde hairs. Shortly after performing the autopsy, a vampire spawn named Shael in the service of Lan Hazal comes by and wishes to buy some of the boy's blood for a ceremony that night. Tarius agrees and ushers the undead creature out of his place to lock up for the night.

Centerleft's docent asks to see Thrash's dragonmark, and explains that he is tied to him, the docent can read draconic, and sees words in the ancient script of the Prophecy written upon him. In among these words explains a "Construct with two minds", a "Great and Terrible Danger" and something about ushering in a new age. The words are cut off, and the docent can only assume that means that there is more to be written.

Torion speaks briefly with Daellin about business on the island. Daellin has actually come ashore and wanted Torion to set up a quick meeting with his superiors in House Vadalis regarding the exotic creature breeding facility on the island. He has some concerns about the dinosaurs being brought in, particularly with the area they want to house them having once been infected with ghouls. Torion says that he will speak with his superiors upon his return.

Todd is asked to meet with Professor McLaunagh. He has put up the last paper that he published to get written up and put on record in the university library. It was satisfactory he says, but only satisfactory. If he is to make his way up in the university then he must write something with knowledge from the field, something which armchair scholars would froth at the mouth to see.
2) Journey Begins

Ferrel ir'Vadalis greets the characters at the station, with his son Orion in tow. Orion appears nothing like he was the day before. His blonde hair has been cropped extremely close to his head, leaving only stubble, and he wears cheap generic brown clothing.

Ferrel says to the PC's: "Greetings my newfound friends, I trust you are eager to begin your journey! I must confess, I did some background checks on you after our little interview with you, and the results have given me high hopes indeed! Torion, I am already familiar with some of the great deeds you have done in the name of our beloved house; the exotic breeding facilities on Skullstorm Island are a testament to that! The eccentric genius Tarius, you have quite a reputation for your investigative skills after solving that last Serial Killer case, I am sure your sharp mind will keep you folks out of trouble. But you're not the only promising scholarly type I hear, Mr. Todd is rapidly gaining a reputation in his studies of Korvairan ruins and it's dangerous inhabitants. Perhaps we have a future Dash Dannigan in this group eh? Although I suspect your plays may not be as entertaining as the esteemed Changeling actor.
And of course; my new friend Thrash, you come highly recommended from the Wayfinder Foundation as a guide in that area, and quite frankly I can't imagine a better leader for this party. Your bodyguard's past is a bit couldy however; I did manage to track down some information on your prior military service and was assured you had quite the outstanding record, even going so far as being put on selection to enter the redcloak battalion. Quite impressive if you ask me. Oh, and Mr. Centerleft, I have been told to pass on to you that a Captain Meira of the Brelish national guard, wishes to speak with you upon your return from this task. I have an address for where you can find her in my office and I shall pass that on to you when you return.
Very well then friends, I have the utmost confidence in you all, and I am solidly assured that this will go off without a hitch! The tickets to Passage have all been bought and paid for, here they are, along with your identification papers. Remember to avoid any Thranes that you can, avoid looking as if you are escorting nobility, and of course remember to disembark in Passage, we certainly don't want to fall asleep and end up in Fairhaven by mistake do we? I wish you the safest of journeys and eagerly await your return with good news. Do you have any questions of me before leaving?"

The train leaves the station with the players being ushered into their car, given a private compartment to stow their belongings and a key to lock up. Normally these rooms are designed for 4 passengers, but apparantly Ferrel has either decided to cut corners, or appear to do so to downplay the wealth of Orion, as there will be 6 people squeezing into this room. The Orien usher will smirk and comment at this when he hands them the keys. The usher also says to go ahead and get comfortable as their next stop will not be until after dusk in Wroat.

  • Train ride to Wroat, meeting the warforged drummer Cadence and the changeling con artist Mendis.
  • The night in Wroat, as well as the adrupt departure from the inn in the morning. Conversation with Todd and the lightning rail conductor who has expressed concern over the cargo payload and having to activate the experimental second elemental.
  • The uneventful ride to Hatheril, where they stay aboard for the few hours the train stops to change carts.
  • The bandit attack during lunch outside of Sword Keep


  • Mwk Singing Heavy Flail 1d10 +1 Fire/ 19-20x2)
  • Mwk Studded Leather
  • 4x Fire Agates
  • A single white bead which is warm to the touch; (single bead of fireball (3d8))
  • A black leather mask which fits over the lower portion of the face to resemble a demonic grin. (Mask of intimidation +3)
  • A silver necklace with a unicorn pendant (Worth about 35gp)
  • A Masterwork dagger with a small purple amethyst set into the hilt.
  • A light yellow potion vial which smells of bananas (Potion of climb)
  • A copper colored salve which reeks of salt; (Acts as an oil of Gentle Repose, has enough for 5 applications, which prevent rotting or any decomposition for 7 days each).
  • A golden ring set with tiny emeralds around the band. Inscribed with a message "My love is with you always, Laneth". (Worth about 90gp)
  • 2x Saps
  • 134 gold coins, 5 platinum, 48 silver coins, 130 copper.
  • 3x Bag of Weightlessness (No extra storage capacity, but it's contents are weightless)
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