Chapter 9

In-game Session Start Date: ?, Barrakas 9 998YK (Monday August 9)
The game began with a visit from "The Five", Captain Landas ir'Medani's lycanthrope hunters after spending a few days in Wolf's Paw. Then five rode into town, all alone, on their proud mounts and demanded to speak with Halden about the fugitive they were tracking. The party took cover in the surrounding buildings but prepared to fight if one should break out. The Five turned and left the town, but promised they would return in 3 days with enough troops to burn the town to the ground if they would not turn the fugitive werewold over to their authority.

Write-up to Follow


From Landas' Body:

  1. +2 Silvered Full Plate,
  2. +1 Blinding Heavy Metal Shield,
  3. +1 Silver Shapechanger-Bane Longsword (Wolfdoom)
  4. Flame Inquisitor Glasses - Dragonshard Foci glasses which detect shapeshifters, gives a 1/week use of True Seeing for 5 rounds.
  5. Boots of the Mountain King
  6. The artifact: Fiendstone Charisma Shard
  7. 20 Silverburn Candles
  8. A Heavy Book entitled "The Lycanthropic Purge, History of the Glorious Victory of the Flame and it's Champions"
  9. A book of Proverbs, Psalms and Rituals of The Silver Flame (+2 Knowledge Religion checks regarding Silver Flame)
  10. Bag of Holding Type I
  11. Burned Paladin Ashes - Function as Ashes of Power
  12. A ring of keys, some have been slightly warped by the lightning bolt
  13. 45 Platinum, 300 gold, 150 silver

From Zeffan's Body

  1. +1 Light Crossbow of (Silver) Flame - deals 1d6 extra fire, +1 holy damage
  2. Gauntlets of Energy Transformation - 3/day change energy of weapon
  3. Goggles of Foefinding (Ignore AC from Cover)
  4. 5th Level Magic Missile Wand, 24 Charges
  5. Zeffan Vitor's Spellbook
  6. Zeffan's Spell Component Pouch; Burned Grasshopper, Batguano and Sulfur Balls (Burned and Useless), Small Crystal Prism (Worth 120 gp), 3 small interlocked silver hoops.
  7. Scroll of Earthbind (Burned slightly, has a 20% chance of not working), Potion of Cat's Grace, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x2
  8. Zeffan Vitor's Journal; Details about Landas' changes in personality and committed atrocities.
  9. 150 gp

From Flameborn

  1. Hydraulic Tendons - Warforged Boots of Leaping, +5 to Jump
  2. True Strike Bracelets - 1/day +20 Atk
  3. Flameborn's Cloak - Cloak of Charisma +2, silver flame themed

From Illiya

  1. +1 Silvered Breast Plate,
  2. Mwk Tower Shield,
  3. Mwk Silver Dagger
  4. Amulet of Natural Armor +1#
  5. Magic Bedroll
  6. Rod of Frost
  7. Eternal Wand of Melf's Acid Arrow
  8. Eternal Wand of Repair Moderate Damage
  9. Wand of Scorching Ray (4d6 Fire Damage), 27 charges left.
  10. Wand of Shield 10 charges
  11. Scroll of Stoneskinx2, Oil of Repair x 2
  12. Elixir of Truth

From Troops

  1. 3x Mwk Silver Tipped Lance
  2. 3x Mwk Silver Longswords
  3. 3x Mwk Light Crossbows,
  4. 84x Silver Tipped Bolts
  5. 11 sets of Half-plate,
  6. 11 Heavy Steel Shields
  7. 8 Mwk long Swords
  8. 8 Mwk Light Crossbows
  9. 150 Bolts
  10. 12 Light Steel Shields
  11. 12 Sets of Studded Leather Armor
  12. 12 Longswords
  13. 30 Torches
  14. 25 Holy Symbols of the Silver Flame on a silver chain

Gear Left Behind by Fleeing Troops

  1. 1st Wagon: 10x 4 person tents, 40 bedrolls, 40 Wool Blankets;
  2. 2nd Wagon: 5x Cooking Pots, 10x Lanterns, 50 pints of Lantern Oil, 120 Torches, 10 sets of Flint and Tinder, Quarter of a wagonload of Firewood, 5 shovels, 5 axes, 50 sets of Eating Utensils, 25 sets of Mwk Silver Eating Utensils;
  3. 3rd Wagon: Command Tent, Maps of Area, Large Round Table, 4x Everburning Torches, 10 Heavy Wooden Chairs, Marble Bust of Landas d'Medani's father (Worth 150gp), Wooden Bookcase, a silver colored Hawk in a silver bird-cage, Locked Wooden Chest
  4. 7 dead light horses, 10 dead heavy horses, 3 maimed light horses and 1 maimed heavy horse
  5. 3 sets of Silver Dyed Light Leather Barding on three of the dead horses.


  1. Iron Defender Remains: Can salvage about 1200gp worth of homunculus/construct making materials.
  2. Potions: Cure Light Wounds x4, Cure Minor Wounds x10
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