Character Creation

Player Races - The Various races and their many places in Eberron.
Player Classes - Brief look at the core classes and their roles in Eberron.
Prestige Classes - A look at prestige classes, and their roles in Eberron.

Feats - Feats that players may take (Massive Work in Progress)
Flaws - Explanation of flaws, and those available.
Player Traits - Explanation of Traits and those available.
Skills - And their Alternate Uses
Skill Tricks - Another use for skill points, like mini-feats.
Teamwork Benefits - Trainable bonuses for the whole party.
Affiliations - An explanation, rules concerning, and a list of published affiliations.
Eberron Affiliations - Guilds, churches and other organizations players can belong to in Eberron.
Languages - A list of languages spoken in both settings and further explanation of each.

Gods - A collection of all deities from many sources, not eberron specific

Imbued Staff - Alternative Familiar Option
Animal Companion
Urban Companion
Cohort - From Leadership feat or Dragon Cohort feat
Paladin Mount
Fiendish Servant - For Blackguards


Eberron Names - By region

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