Clebdecher's Loom

Type: Clothing Store
Location: Sharn, Upper Dura, Highhold

While most people think of dwarves as grim and stoic individuals, the merchant princes of the Mror Holds take great pride in their appearance and clothing. Run by Hellien Clamas Clebdecher (LN female gnome commoner 6/magewright 2), Clebdecher’s Loom specializes in fine clothing in Mrorian and Zil styles. Clebdecher is one of the finest workers of glamerweave in the city, and many human lords and ladies come to Holdfast to avail themselves of her talents. As a result, there is usually a considerable wait for Hellian’s services; anyone preparing for an important event needs to plan ahead to purchase a Clebdecher gown or suit.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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