As of Vult 998YK
Base Value: +1000
Defense: +8
Population: 3000 (12 blocks x 250)

Cliffton is a frontier town which was quickly built up by Breland on the west cliffside of Isla Mogrova. At the conclusion of the Lungtite Invasion resolution Breland contracted a great number of soldiers and craftsman to build up a small town and garrison on the island to stave off future attacks. The initial push to build was completed in just over a month, at which point Breland withdrew it's contractors to allow the settlement to thrive on it's own.
The town is a small, largely self-sufficient, humble and hard-working community. The dominant temple, The Black Chapel, is a focus for the town, with the priestess Darkusha bringing together the people and reinforcing their devotion to the Dark Six. The worship of the Keeper in the town keeps the populace hard-working and stoic. There is a division of religion in the town however, with those who have proven themselves to be worthwhile member of the island society being brought into the High Priest Tarius's religion, The Blood of Vol, where they hope to live and serve Mogrova forever.

Building Name Building Type Description Bonus
Cliffton Granary Granary Built by Breland, stores food Loyalty +1, Stability +1
The Zombie Monkey Inn Nice quality inn, located Center of Town in City base value +500 gp; Economy +1, Loyalty +1
Cliffton Lumbermill Mill Processes the abundant nearby Teak trees for export Economy +1, Stability +1
Talbak's Hammer Smith A humble blacksmith, makes horseshoes, hinges and various other metal objects needed on the island colony Economy +1, Stability +1
Marta's Muffins Tradesman (Baker) Processes the flour from the nearby wheat farm at 0507 into delicous baked treats and very popular soft bread. City base value +500 gp; +1 Economy, +1 Stability
The Black Chapel Temple A temple to the Dark Six, with a focus on the Keeper; Special: A powerfully gifted Hobgoblin Priestess of the Keeper Darkusha came to Cliffton from Darguun 2 minor items (1 Scroll/Potion); Loyalty +3, Stability +2; Unrest –2
The Keeper's Yard Graveyard A Graveyard belonging to The Black Chapel Economy +1, Loyalty +1
Cliffton Lock-up Jail A medium security jail, houses Brelish convicts and extradited criminals from Stormreach Loyalty +2, Stability +2; Unrest –2
Cliffton Watch Garrison This building houses the crack town watch and army which trains the town militia. Loyalty +2, Stability +2; Unrest –2
Guava District 1 House Nice middle class housing district, named for the many Guava trees which are common in the yards. Unrest -1
Cliffton Slums 1 Tenement A staggering number of low-rent, cheap housing units, populated by the working class Unrest +2
Cliffton City Wall City Wall x2 Covering the south and east portions of the district. Defense +8, Unrest -4
Cliffton Dump Dump A pile of refuse from the city, occupies a less than savory part of town near the Slums Loyalty +1, Stability +1
The Swamp Donkey Brothel A seedy brothel located down in the Slums Economy +1, Loyalty +2, Unrest +1

Total Economy: +6
Total Loyalty: +13
Total Stability:+11
Defense Modifier: +8

Magic Items: The items which are produced in this city for trade. Magic items can be purchased by the players themselves, random adventurers or can be sold with an Economy check on the Income phase and then another magic item created on the Upkeep phase.

Slot Item Cost
Minor Item
1 Gloves of Dexterity +2 4000 gp
2 Heward's Handy Haversack 2000 gp
3 6x Scrolls of Charm Animal 150 gp

Slot 3 is drawn from Darkusha's special rules.

District 1

This is only a basic map, laid out this way to portray the interaction between building's in the city. A more detailed, realistic map can be made.

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