District Type: Warehouse district
Buildings: Warehouses (50), poor trades (20), poor services (40), poor residences (400), other (3)
First Impression: This district is filled with sturdy warehouses and storage towers. Teamsters and
laborers haul goods to and from storage vaults. A sulfurous smell wafts up from the shafts that lead to the Cogs far below.
Social Class: Lower class

Travelers who arrive at Wroann’s Gate or Terminus may take skycoaches up to the higher wards, but cargo is brought to the warehouse district of Cogsgate. The Guardians of the Gate and the Wharf Watch both perform customs investigations, and there are three tariff offices where merchants can pay the taxes levied on their goods, or where local landowners can come to pay their taxes to the Brelish Crown. After customs inspections, goods are usually stored in one of the many warehouses until they can be distributed throughout the city or transported to the docks.
Cogsgate is the gateway to the Blackbone Cogs. Ore from Zilargo and Karrnath is carted down the long tunnels into the darkness, and the sulfurous smell of the Cogs occasionally lingers the district. Most of the Cog workers live in this district, and it can be a rough place.
One new area of tension revolves around the war between the Boromar Clan and the criminal organization known as Daask. The Boromars have financial interests in many of the warehouses, and the monsters of Daask have been striking Boromar holdings across the city. To date, Cogsgate has been left largely untouched, but at any time a Daask commando force could emerge from Blackbone to strike against a Boromar holding.
House Deneith: Visiting merchants may have concerns about the safety of their goods—or their skins. There is a small House Deneith outpost in this district where travelers can arrange for additional warehouse security, long-term bodyguards, or short term escorts to the higher levels of the city.
House Kundarak: The House of Warding maintains five high-security warehouses in this district, each protected by arcane seal, alarm, glyphs of warding, and other mundane and magic traps. The price is twice that of the other warehouses in Cogsgate, but this all but ensures that the goods are protected.

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