Collapsing Crescent Fan

Collapsing Crescent Fan: Only a few desert societies have the wherewithal to forge the exotic weapon known as the collapsing crescent fan. Of those, the bhukas are most commonly associated with the weapon, and so another name for this weapon is the “bhuka blade.”
When not in use, a crescent blade folds into a compact shape not too much larger than a wand. However, with a mere flick of the wrist, the many segments of a crescent blade slide into view and lock into place. The vanes of the fan are thin, razor-sharp steel sheets. When you attack a flat-footed foe with it, you gain a +4 bonus on the attack roll.
Exotic Light Melee Weapon
Cost: 40 gp
Dmg (S) 1d4 Dmg (M) 1d6 Dmg (L) 1d8
Critical: 19-20/x2
Range Increment:
Weight: 2 lb
Damage Type: Slashing

Source: Sandstorm

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