Each conjuration spell belongs to one of five subschools. Conjurations bring manifestations of objects, creatures, or some form of energy to you (the summoning subschool), actually transport creatures from another plane of existence to your plane (calling), heal (healing), transport creatures or objects over great distances (teleportation), or create objects or effects on the spot (creation). Creatures you conjure usually, but not always, obey your commands. Representative spells include the various summon monster spells, cure light wounds, raise dead, teleport, and wall of iron.
A creature or object brought into being or transported to your location by a conjuration spell cannot appear inside another creature or object, nor can it appear floating in an empty space. It must arrive in an open location on a surface capable of supporting it. The creature or object must appear within the spell’s range, but it does not have to remain within the range.
Calling: A calling spell transports a creature from another plane to the plane you are on. The spell grants the creature the one-time ability to return to its plane of origin, although the spell may limit the circumstances under which this is possible. Creatures who are called actually die when they are killed; they do not disappear and reform, as do those brought by a summoning spell (see below). The duration of a calling spell is instantaneous, which means that the called creature can’t be dispelled.
Creation: A creation spell manipulates matter to create an object or creature in the place the spellcaster designates (subject to the limits noted above). If the spell has a duration other than instantaneous, magic holds the creation together, and when the spell ends, the conjured creature or object vanishes without a trace. If the spell has an instantaneous duration, the created object or creature is merely assembled through magic. It lasts indefinitely and does not depend on magic for its existence.
Healing: Certain divine conjurations heal creatures or even bring them back to life. These include cure spells.
Summoning: A summoning spell instantly brings a creature or object to a place you designate. When the spell ends or is dispelled, a summoned creature is instantly sent back to where it came from, but a summoned object is not sent back unless the spell description specifically indicates this. A summoned creature also goes away if it is killed or if its hit points drop to 0 or lower. It is not really dead. It takes 24 hours for the creature to reform, during which time it can’t be summoned again.
When the spell that summoned a creature ends and the creature disappears, all the spells it has cast expire. A summoned creature
cannot use any innate summoning abilities it may have, and it refuses to cast any spells that would cost it XP, or to use any spelllike abilities that would cost XP if they were spells.
Teleportation: A teleportation spell transports one or more creatures or objects a great distance. The most powerful of these spells can cross planar boundaries. Unlike summoning spells, the transportation is (unless otherwise noted) one-way and not dispellable. Teleportation is instantaneous travel through the Astral Plane. Anything that blocks astral travel also blocks teleportation.

Conjuration Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

0 Level (Cantrips)
Name Description Source
Acid Splash Orb deals 1d3 acid damage. PHB
Caltrops Creates caltrops in 5-ft.-by-5-ft. square, +5-ft. square/2 levels beyond 1st (max 5). SC
1st Level
Name Description Source
Benign Transposition Two willing subjects switch places. SC
Blades of Fire Your melee weapons deal +1d8 fire damage for 1 round. SC
Buzzing Bee Bee gives subject –10 penalty on Move Silently and hinders Concentration checks. SC
Corrosive Grasp 1 touch/level deals 1d8 acid damage. SC
Deep Breath Your lungs are filled with air. SC
Grease Makes 10-ft. square or one object slippery. PHB
Hail of StoneM Stones deal 1d4 points of damage/level to creatures in the area (max 5d4). SC
Mage Armor Gives subject +4 armor bonus. PHB
Mount Summons riding horse for 2 hours/level. PHB
Obscuring Mist Fog surrounds you. PHB
Orb of Acid, Lesser Ranged touch attack deals 1d8 acid damage + 1d8/2 levels beyond 1st (max 5d8). SC
Orb of Cold, Lesser Ranged touch attack deals 1d8 cold damage + 1d8/2 levels beyond 1st (max 5d8). SC
Orb of Electricity, Lesser Ranged touch attack deals 1d8 electricity damage + 1d8/2 levels beyond 1st (max 5d8). SC
Orb of Fire, Lesser Ranged touch attack deals 1d8 fire damage + 1d8/2 levels beyond 1st (max 5d8). SC
Orb of Sound, Lesser Ranged touch attack deals 1d6 sonic damage + 1d6/2 levels beyond 1st (max 5d6). SC
Summon Monster I Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you. PHB
Summon Undead I Summons undead to fight for you. SC
Unseen Servant Invisible force obeys your commands. PHB
Wall of Smoke Wall of black smoke obscures vision and nauseates those who pass through. SC
2nd Level
Name Description Source
Baleful Transposition Two subjects switch places. SC
Cloud of Bewilderment Generates a nauseating 10-ft. cube. SC
Create Magic TattooM Subject receives a magic tattoo with various effects. SC
Fog Cloud Fog obscures vision. PHB
Glitterdust Blinds creatures, outlines invisible creatures. PHB
Ice Knife Magical shard of ice deals 2d8 cold damage plus 2 Dex damage, or deals 1d8 cold damage in 10-ft.-radius burst. SC
Inky Cloud Obscures sight underwater beyond 5 ft. SC
Malevolent Miasma Cloud of fog deals 1d4 nonlethal damage/level. SC
Melf’s Acid Arrow Ranged touch attack; 2d4 damage for 1 round +1 round/three levels. PHB
Summon Monster II Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you. PHB
Summon Swarm Summons swarm of bats, rats, or spiders. PHB
Summon Undead II Summons undead to fight for you. SC
Web Fills 20-ft.-radius spread with sticky spiderwebs. PHB
3rd Level
Name Description Source
Acid Breath Cone of acid deals 1d6 damage/level (max 10d6). SC
Bands of Steel Metallic bands immobilize or entangle subject for 1 round/level. SC
Contagious Fog 20-ft.-radius cloud of fog inflicts disease. SC
Corpse Candle Ghostly hand and candle sheds light, affects incorporeal creatures. SC
IcelanceF Changes ice into lance, which attacks subject for 6d6 damage and stuns for 1d4 rounds. SC
Mage Armor, Greater Gives subject +6 armor bonus. SC
Mage Armor, Mass As mage armor, but one creature/level. SC
Nauseating Breath Exhale a cone of nauseating gas. SC
Phantom Steed Magic horse appears for 1 hour/level. PHB
Regal Procession As mount, but you summon several mounts. SC
Sepia Snake Sigil M Creates text symbol that immobilizes reader. PHB
Servant Horde Create 2d6 unseen servants +1/level (max +15). SC
Sleet Storm Hampers vision and movement. PHB
Stinking Cloud Nauseating vapors, 1 round/level. PHB
Summon Monster III Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you. PHB
Summon Undead III Summons undead to fight for you. SC
Vipergout You spit forth celestial or fiendish vipers that attack your foes. SC
4th Level
Name Description Source
Blast of Flame 60-ft. cone of fire (1d6/level damage). SC
BloodstarF Hovering construct does Con damage each time foe is damaged. SC
Dimension Door Teleports you short distance. PHB
Ethereal Mount You conjure swift mounts on the Ethereal Plane. SC
Evard’s Black Tentacles Tentacles grapple all within 15 ft. spread. PHB
Leomund’s Secure Shelter Creates sturdy cottage. PHB
Minor Creation Creates one cloth or wood object. PHB
Orb of Acid Ranged touch, 1d6/level acid damage and subject might be sickened. SC
Orb of Cold Ranged touch, 1d6/level cold damage and subject might be blinded. SC
Orb of Electricity Ranged touch, 1d6/level electricity damage and subject might be entangled. SC
Orb of Fire Ranged touch, 1d6/level fi re damage and subject might be dazed. SC
Orb of Force Globe of force deals 1d6/level damage (max 10d6). SC
Orb of Sound Ranged touch, 1d4/level sonic damage and subject might be deafened. SC
Solid Fog Blocks vision and slows movement. PHB
Summon Monster IV Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you. PHB
Summon Undead IV Summons undead to fight for you. SC
Translocation Trick You and subject switch places and appear as each other. SC
Wall of Sand Swirling sand blocks ranged attacks, slows movement through. SC
Wall of Water Creates shapeable transparent wall of water. SC
5th Level
Name Description Source
Acid SheathF Sheath of acid damages those who attack you, enhances acid spells. SC
Arc of Lightning Line of electricity arcs between two creatures (1d6/level damage). SC
Call ZelekhutX A zelekhut performs one duty for you. SC
Cloudkill Kills 3 HD or less; 4–6 HD save or die, 6+ HD take Con damage. PHB
Dimension Door, Greater Short-range, multipleuse dimension door. SC
Dragon Ally, LesserX Exchange services with a 9 HD dragon. SC
Hidden Lodge Creates sturdy cottage camouflaged to blend into natural surroundings. SC
Leomund’s Secret Chest F Hides expensive chest on Ethereal Plane; you retrieve it at will. PHB
Major Creation As minor creation, plus stone and metal. PHB
Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound Phantom dog can guard, attack. PHB
Planar Binding, Lesser Traps extraplanar creature of 6 HD or less until it performs a task. PHB
Phantasmal Thief Creates an unseen force that steals from others. SC
Summon Monster V Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you. PHB
Summon Undead V Summons undead to fight for you. SC
Teleport Instantly transports you as far as 100 miles/level. PHB
Viscid Glob Ranged touch attack hurls 5-ft.-diameter glob of glue at subject. SC
Vitriolic Sphere Potent acid deals 6d6 acid damage plus possible damage in following 2 rounds. SC
Wall of Stone Creates a stone wall that can be shaped. PHB
6th Level
Name Description Source
Acid Fog Fog deals acid damage. PHB
Acid StormM Deals 1d6/level acid damage (max 15d6) in a 20-ft. radius. SC
Fire Spiders Swarm of Fine fire elementals deals fire damage in an area. SC
Freezing Fog Fog slows creatures, obscures vision, hinders movement. SC
GemjumpF Teleport to the location of a specially prepared gem. SC
Planar Binding As lesser planar binding, but up to 12 HD. PHB
Resistance, Superior Subject gains +6 on saving throws. SC
Summon Monster VI Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you. PHB
Transcribe Symbol Safely moves an untriggered magical symbol to another location. SC
Tunnel Swallow Tunnel’s peristaltic convulsions deal 1d6 points of damage/level (max 15d6). SC
Wall of Gears Creates wall of moving gears that deals 1d6 damage/2 levels to creatures within 10 ft. SC
Wall of IronM 30 hp/four levels; can topple onto foes. PHB
7th Level
Name Description Source
Call KolyarutX A kolyarut performs one duty for you. SC
Drawmij’s Instant Summons M Prepared object appears in your hand. PHB
Dragon AllyX As lesser dragon ally, but up to 15 HD. SC
Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion F Door leads to extradimensional mansion. PHB
Phase Door Creates an invisible passage through wood or stone. PHB
Plane Shift F As many as eight subjects travel to another plane. PHB
Stun Ray Subject stunned 1d4+1 rounds. SC
Summon Monster VII Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you. PHB
Teleport, Greater As teleport, but no range limit and no offtarget arrival. PHB
Teleport Object As teleport, but affects a touched object. PHB
8th Level
Name Description Source
Fierce Pride of the Beastlands Summon celestial lions and celestial dire lions to follow your commands. SC
Incendiary Cloud Cloud deals 4d6 fire damage/round. PHB
Maze Traps subject in extradimensional maze. PHB
Planar Binding, Greater As lesser planar binding, but up to 18 HD. PHB
Plane Shift, Greater Plane shift accurately to your desired destination. SC
Summon Monster VIII Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you. PHB
Trap the Soul M F Imprisons subject within gem. PHB
9th Level
Name Description Source
Abyssal Army Summons demons to fight for you. SC
Black Blade of Disaster Floating magic weapon disintegrates subjects. SC
Call MarutX A marut performs one duty for you. SC
Dragon Ally, GreaterX As lesser dragon ally, but up to 21 HD. SC
Gate X Connects two planes for travel or summoning. PHB
Heavenly Host Summons archons to fight for you. SC
Hellish Horde Summons devils to fight for you. SC
Obedient Avalanche Snowy avalanche crushes and buries your foes. SC
Refuge M Alters item to transport its possessor to you. PHB
Sphere of Ultimate Destruction Featureless black sphere does 2d6/level damage, disintegrates. SC
Summon Elemental MonolithM Calls powerful elemental creature to fight for you. SC
Summon Monster IX Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you. PHB
Teleportation Circle M Circle teleports any creature inside to designated spot. PHB
Vile DeathMX Undead creature gains fiendish template. SC
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