Corrupt Spells

Those who delve into black magic have learned of exceedingly evil spells that, in exchange for foul power, take a terrible toll on the caster. These spells are known as corrupt spells. Their numbers are few, but they are truly horrible applications of magic.
Spellcasters prepare corrupt spells just as they do regular spells, but corrupt spells are available only to spellcasters who prepare spells.Wizards and clerics, for example, can use corrupt magic, but sorcerers and bards cannot. A sorcerer or bard could, however, cast a corrupt spell from a scroll.
A corrupt spell has no material components. Instead, it draws power away from the mental or physical well-being of the caster in the form of ability damage or ability drain. The ability damage or drain occurs when the spell’s duration expires. (There are no corrupt spells with a permanent duration.)
If a corrupt spell is made into a potion, scroll, wand, or some other magic item, the user of the item takes the ability damage or ability drain, not the creator. This “corruption cost,” mentioned in the spell’s descriptive text, is paid each time the item is used.
Corrupt spells are specific to no character class. Furthermore, they aren’t inherently divine or arcane spells; a divine caster casting a corrupt spell casts it as a divine spell, and an arcane caster casts it as an arcane spell.


1st-Level Corrupt Spells

Trans Seething Eyebane: Subject is blinded and all within 5 ft. take 1d6 damage.

2nd-Level Corrupt Spells

Trans Devil’s Tongue: Tongue grapples with reach 15 ft.
Fangs of the Vampire King: Caster gains bite attack with +10 bonus that deals 1d6 damage and 1 Con damage.
Lahm’s Finger Darts: Caster’s fingers become projectiles that deal 1d4 Dex damage.

3rd-Level Corrupt Spells

Div Absorb Mind: Caster gains 25% chance of knowing information in a brain eaten.
Evoc Love’s Pain: Deals 1d6 damage/2 levels to subject’s dearest loved one.
Necro Red Fester: Subject takes 1d6 Str damage and 1d4 Cha damage.
Trans Rotting Curse of Urfestra: Subject takes 1d6 Con damage per hour.
Serpents of Theggeron: Caster’s arms become serpents with 10 ft. reach, +10 attack, and 1d8 damage plus poison.
Touch of Juiblex: Subject turns to green slime in 4 rounds.

4th-Level Corrupt Spells

Necro Absorb Strength: Caster gains 1/4 of a creature’s Str and Con when he eats it.

5th-Level Corrupt Spells

Ench Forbidden Speech: Subject cannot speak about a certain topic.
Necro Power Leech: Caster drains subject’s ability score 1 point/round and gains +1 bonus per point.
Trans Claws of the Bebilith: Caster gains claws based on her size.

6th-Level Corrupt Spells

Necro Consume Likeness: Caster steals the appearance of a dead person, adding +10 on Disguise checks.

7th-Level Corrupt Spells

Conj Death by Thorns: Up to three creatures die in 1d4 rounds or are incapacitated, taking 4d6 damage.
Trans Rapture of Rupture: Subject takes 6d6 damage and is stunned, then takes 1d6 damage per round thereafter.

8th-Level Corrupt Spells

Conj Evil Weather: Caster conjures one type of evil weather.
Ench Plague of Nightmares: Subject takes 1d4 Con damage and does not heal.

9th-Level Corrupt Spells

Conj Apocalypse from the Sky: All in a 10-mile radius/level take 10d6 damage.

Source: Book of Vile Deeds

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