Country: Breland
Population: 3,600
Religions: Sovereign Host, other

Cragwar is a large town in northern Breland. It was a much contested area during the Last War, changing hands at least nine times between Thrane, Aundair and Breland, though it belonged to the Brelish crown when the Treaty of Thronehold was signed, and remains part of that country.

Its strategic importance is not limited to its position near the borders of all three nations though. Its proximity to the rich silver and gem deposits in the eastern Blackcap Mountains make it a highly desirable possession. The largest mithril deposits in western Khorvaire can also be found in nearby mines.

Power Groups

People of Note

Orien Road Distances

Destination Distance
Marketplace 143 miles
Starilaskur 722 miles
Drum Keep 729 miles
Fairhaven 760 miles
Wroat 844 miles
Flamekeep 964 miles
Sharn 1280 miles

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