Crystal Bridge

District Type: Wealthy residential
Buildings: Upscale residences (248), average residences (32)
First Impression: Manors and mansions surround penthouse towers, the sheer size of these estates hinting at the wealth of the residents within. Walls and bridges are covered with thick panels of glass and crysteel, causing a brilliant kaleidoscope of color when sunlight strikes the towers.
Social Class: Upper class

While many of the most influential citizens of Sharn prefer to live in Upper Central, closer to the center of government and trade, Crystal Bridge is home to many of Sharn’s wealthiest denizens. A number of dragonmarked heirs maintain private residences in Crystal Bridge or Oak Towers, along with Brelish aristocrats and merchant princes. Crystal Bridge is a quiet, peaceful district, and many of its inhabitants employ private guards to ensure that it remains peaceful.

Notable inhabitants of Crystal Bridge include:
Haras Kant (NE male human aristocrat 6) is a wealthy Brelish aristocrat and a member of the Aurum. Like most members of the Aurum, he is interested in increasing his personal power and wealth, whatever the cost. Kant has a special interest in fabulous and magic gems, and adventurers that obtain unusual gemstones may attract his interest—which can be a dangerous thing.
Ilia Merith (LG female human aristocrat 3/ expert 3), a member of Sharn’s upper crust, is a noted philanthropist and a strong supporter of the arts, particularly song and poetry. Ilia might become a patron for a PC bard, or she could employ the party to recover a rare book of poetry that has been lost or stolen.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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