Crystalfall (9 Olarune)

While Sharn was never besieged during the Last War, sabotage was a constant threat. The most devastating event of the war occurred on 9 Olarune 918 YK. A team of abjurers destroyed the enchantments supporting the Glass Tower, one of the city’s oldest floating citadels. Over the last few decades, a tradition has built up around this day. Crafters carve ice sculptures, creating beautiful miniature towers, and then hurl them into the Dagger River. Some see this as morbid, but for most of the participants, it is a way to remember what was lost—creating something beautiful and unforgettable, and then watching as it is destroyed. While carvings occur throughout the city, the largest and most prestigious gathering of sculptors occurs in Sunset Park in Ocean View (in Upper Tavick’s Landing). A few of the city councilors judge the sculptures, and the winner receives a purse of 150 gp.

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