Cult Of Life Safe House

Those who take on the thief of life prestige class operate in the greatest secrecy, and they need safe places to practice their arts. Such locals are often found in the grandest cities. This safe house in Karrlakton, Karrnath, belongs to Randall Aleazar d’Deneith, a minor noble who has cultivated a public image of refi nement and intense privacy.
In fact, he is a vampire, a member of the Crimson Covenant, and a friend to the Cult of Life.
Ground Floor: This area includes the more frequented sections of the house.
1. Courtyard. The house proper is reached through a walled courtyard, open to the sky. The superior masonry, 12-foot high walls contain two tinkling fountainsand tasteful marble statues. Marble stepping stones extend to the house’s double doors while a balcony overlooks the area.
2. Foyer. This grand hall features a mosaic floor of abstract patterns and a massive stone stairway dominating the far end. Numerous doors open into the main living areas, while a side passage ends in a hidden vault (area 9).
3. Closet. A walk-in closet has space to hold coats for dozens of guests or occupants.
4. Pantry. Behind the main staircase is the pantry, with an indoor privy adjacent. A cunningly worked panel (Search DC 12) assures privacy.
5. Kitchen. This is a large and functional kitchen, although it contains no staff. Users of the safe house must prepare their own food.
6. Dining Hall. To keep up appearances, Randall occasionally hosts a formal dinner in here. His guests are usually fellow cultists. Sometimes he has a real gathering of other nobility, who have no idea what lies behind the other doors. Even so, this area is rarely used.
7. Living Room. Guests of the safe house relax here. It contains comfortable stuffed furniture, and shelves filled with the sort of books expected in a noble’s library.
8. Lower Bedroom. A couple of cultists (human rogue 5/thief of life 2) rest here en route to an assignment for the Crimson Covenant. Should trouble arise, they attempt to escape through the large windows (whose heavy curtains are always drawn) rather than start a fight.
9. Vault. Guests of the safe house can store their valuables in this room. These include weapons and combat magic.

Upper Floor: These rooms hide the mansion’s deepest secrets.
10. Closets. Two ordinary-looking closets hold linens and toiletry items. Between them is a hidden room (Search DC 18) for storing barrels of preserving pine until the blood can be shipped out.
11. Shrine to Vol.* This small shrine serves for prayers and Sacraments of Blood. A marble altar is surmounted with the emblem of the Blood of Vol, and contains a basin for blood collected during rituals. A bloodfang ritual dagger hangs above the basin. A hidden panel beside the altar (Search DC 18) affords an escape route should the house be attacked.
12. Prisoner Cells.** Being a vampire, Randall requires a reliable supply of blood. In a pinch, he can avail himself of a barrel of preserving pine, but he prefers his meals fresh. This room has shackles on the floor that hold human commoners (usually vagrants or would-be burglars) until needed. A permanent silence spell ensures no untoward disturbances.
13. Upper Bedroom. This guest chamber is currently occupied by Ganzar Ulbann (male dwarf rogue 4/cleric 3), who serves as the priest for ceremonies to Vol. This room also has a hidden emergency escape route (Search DC 18).
14. Gallery. Randall’s personal treasure is stored in this room. He is an art collector and keeps his most precious acquisitions locked up. The door has a masterwork lock, and an alarm spell alerts the vampire to intruders.
15. Randall’s Chamber. Randall (male vampire human rogue 7) has his personal quarters here. They are completely windowless but opulently furnished. His coffin is piled with velvet cushions and occupies the center of the room. Bookshelves contain rare volumes and delicate art objects. A rich carpet covers the floor, and an elegant writing desk of exotic Xen’drik woods occupies one corner. On the desk is a crystal ball with telepathy for communicating with the Crimson Covenant.

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