Daanvi, the Perfect Order

Orderly fields where formians tend ideal crops, regimented garrisons of disciplined soldiers, and peaceful communities where law reigns supreme manifest throughout the plane of Daanvi, the Perfect Order. Similar in many respects to the plane of Arcadia in the D&D cosmology, Daanvi is a place where all things live in harmony born of order.
Daanvi has the following traits:
• Alterable morphic.
• Strongly law-aligned.
• Enhanced magic: Spells with the lawful descriptor are maximized and enlarged.
• Impeded magic: Spells with the chaotic descriptor are impeded, requiring a Spellcraft check (DC 15 + spell level) to cast successfully.
Daanvi Inhabitants: Formian worker, formian warrior, formian taskmaster, formian myrmarch, formian queen, kolyarut (inevitable), zelekhut (inevitable), Axiomatic creatures (template), Justicator, visilight.

Coterminous: Daanvi exerts no unusual influence on the Material Plane when it is coterminous. Superstition tends to link historical periods of stability to the proximity of Daanvi, but this claim is unsubstantiated.
Daanvi is coterminous to the Material Plane for one century in every four.

Remote: Just as Daanvi’s proximity has little impact on the Material Plane, the periods when it is remote likewise seem to manifest no unusual effects. Daanvi is remote for one century in every four, separated from its coterminous periods by a century.

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