Daellin Naiilo

Name Daellin Naiilo
Male Elf Rogue 1
Chaotic Neutral
Init: 3 ; Senses: Listen 2, Spot 5 Low-Light Vision


Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic, Goblin, Orc, Gnomesource

AC 15 (2 Leather Armor, 3 Dexterity) , touch 13, flat-footed 12
HP 6 (1 d6)
Immune: Magic sleep effects, and a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects.
Saves: Fort 1, Ref 5, Will 0;
Action Points 5

Speed 30 (6 squares)
Base Atk: 0 ; Grp 2
Attacks: Long Bow +4 (1d8 x3, 100ft increment, piercing),
Spear x2 +2 (1d8+2 X3, 20ft increment if thrown, Piercing),
Heavy Mace +2(1d8+2 X2, Bludgeoning)

Atk Options: Point Blank Shot (+1 to atk and dmg within 30feet)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 13): Least Dragon Mark of Shadow - Disguise 1/day (Lasts 10 minutes)
Combat Gear: Longbow, 2 spears worn on crossed on back, Mace on left hip, Quiver on right shoulder with 20 arrows

Abilities: Str 14, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 14
SQ: Low-Light Vision
Feats: Least Dragon Mark of Shadow - Disguise, Point Blank Shot
Flaw: Frail (-1 hp per level)
Trait: Polite (+1 diplomacy, -2 Intimidate)
Skills: Diplomacy 7 (2cha+4ranks+1Trait), Disable Device 10 (+4Int+4Ranks+2tools), Disguise 6 (+2Cha+4Ranks), Escape Artist 6 (+4Dex+2Ranks), Gather Information 6 (+2Cha+4Ranks), Hide 7 (4Dex+3Ranks), Intimidate 0 (+2 cha -2 Trait), Knowledge (Local) 7 (+4Int+3Ranks), Listen 2 (+2Racial),
Move Silently 7 (4Dex+3Ranks), Open Lock 10 (4Dex+4Ranks+2Tools), Search 10 (4Int+4Ranks+2Racial),
Spot 5 (3Ranks+2Racial), Tumble 6 (4Dex+2Ranks), Use Magic Device 6 (2Cha+4Ranks)

Possessions: Backpack (Trail Ration, 5 Torches, Sunrod)
Belt Pouch (Mwk Thieves Tools, Identification Papers, 5 Silver Pieces, 5 Copper Pieces,)

Hook: You need something done? Show me the color of your coin first, please.

Physical Description: Tall for an Elf and slight of stature, standing at 5'5" and 120 lbs. He has brown eyes and medium length dark brown hair. He is somewhat frail, although he was not always; this may have been a result of his extended period of time in the Mournland.

Personality: Very quiet, polite and professional, does not flaunt his talents, and instead silently performs whatever task he is paid to accomplish. Is all about the money, and as such, when his Dragonmark manifested he knew to keep it to himself so he could stay working independent rather than be pressured into joining one of the elven houses. Has a silver tongue and can talk just about anybody around to his point of view.

Tactics: Likes to engage targets from a distance, occasionally getting within 30 feet to take advantage of his PB Shot. If he can talk down his opponents he will try.


Daellin is a true Brelish Elf. His parents moved to Sharn at the beginning of the Last War and stayed there as non-combatants for the beginning of it. His mother Aeva was pregnant with him when the Crystal Tower was destroyed by saboteurs in 918. His father was in it when it came crashing down. Aeva went a little mad with this and as soon as Daellin was born she left him at an Orphanage in order to go out on her own and track down those responsible for her husbands death. Daellin never heard anything from his mother until she sent him a letter shortly after the creation of Valenar. The letter explained her need to quest for vengeance, and talked about the chaotic state that the world was in. She urged her son to take advantage of this chaos and to find his place in it, because, as she said in the letter, "Out of Chaos Greatness is Born." Daellin took this to heart and left his home in the orphanage. When he had been living there he found that he actually preferred his forays into the hustle and bustle of the big city anyway, and he felt quite at home in the chaos of Sharn's packed city streets. So he went and joined a street gang, The Boromar Clan.
His quick wit and silver tongue served him well in the Boromars, earning him a comfortable position in the gang as a talented fence and frontman dealing with the authorities. During his time there his fellow gang members helped train him in the more practical talents of sneak thievery, cutpursing and breaking and entering.
He enjoyed his time at the Boromar's for several years when it finally happened, his Dragonmark manifested. This was quite unexpected because as far as anyone knew, nobody in his family before him possessed a mark. He knew that as soon as anyone else found out he would be pressured into joining one of the Elven Houses, Phiarlan or Thuranni. So he got a hold of some false identification papers and left Breland for work under a variety of aliases. He worked freelance espionage missions for several nations in Khorvaire, never against Breland however, assuming several identities as he did so. He used his mark's disguise ability to slip past enemy borders and infiltrate their establishments to report on their activities. He even once betrayed his own race, the elves of Valenar, to Cyre. It was this assignment that would be last though, as he was fated to experience the day of Mourning first hand because of it.
He had slipped into Valenar territory and stolen some Battle Plans from a command tent for a Cyran Commander on the East Cyre border. He was to bring the plans back to the outpost on the border as soon as possible, and was doing so but hit a bit of a snag; the Valenar had found out what he'd done and were chasing him top speed to the border. He was a half a days ride away and the Valenar were quickly gaining on him when he crested a ridge that should have given him clear view of the outpost. The view it gave him was of a nightmarish wasteland instead. The skies burned red with an unnatural fire, the ground was cracked, pale and dry, with the only color being the scorched grass and the scattered gore from the numerous Cyran bodies which littered the ground testifying their agonizing deaths. A dead gray mist loomed in the distance, thickening as it approached where Cyre should have been. Daellin wanted to turn and ride away from there as fast as possible, but the Valenar were swift approaching and if they got to him the elves would make the horrific scene in front of him seem a peaceful natural way to die.
So Daellin gulped down his fear and rode full speed ahead into the mists of the newly created Mournland. He emerged on the western border near Vathirond three weeks later. His horse was gone, he was emaciated and sickly looking, battered and near death. His equipment was torn and in tatters, and most of his weapons and expensive goods were either gone or destroyed. He walked the rest of the way to Vathirond and was barely alive when he got there. He showed them his Brelish identification papers, but the rail was shut down to civilians in the wake of the disaster as they needed it for governmental purposes. So for a month he was interred in the Cyran Refugee Camp which had been set up for them. He barely talked the entire time there, and never about his time in the Mournland, although he did strike up a friendship with a fellow occupant of the refugee camp; Torion ir'Vadalis, their disdain for the Valenar forging a common bond.
When the time came to clear out, he decided to go to Sharn, where he ended up in yet another refugee camp, this one High Walls. Not far behind him was Torion and the two of them worked together for some time before going their seperate ways. They agreed to meet every Sul for lunch at their regular spot, The Gray Sword. Daellin has since been living on the hospitality of a friend of his at the Deathsgate Guild, living in a small room, barely larger than a closet. He pays a modest sum for rent, (5sp a month), and gets to live in a room just big enough for a bedroll and a small chest that is built into the floor. Untill now he has worked for a few adventuring parties who were in need of a trapspringer, which has helped him to get by, but only just. He's getting low on coin and has decided that he needs to start offering his services again and see what jobs he could get; which, for someone with his reputation and contacts, shouldn't take long.

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