Daggerwatch (Sharn)

District Type: Garrison
Buildings: Garrison buildings (2), training ground, temple (Dol Dorn), average lodging (20), poor lodging (4), upscale food (8), average food (15), poor food
(15), upscale trades (15), average trades (33), poor trades (28), average services (40), average residences (160), poor residences (40)
First Impression: This may be the cleanest and quietest district in Dura. The walls of the towers are heavily reinforced, as if to withstand siege weaponry. The streets are filled with guards of the Watch, both patrols and off-duty guards; it looks like a bad place to start a fight.
Social Class: Middle class

Dura is easily the most dangerous quarter of the city, and during the Last War riots and other forms of unrest were a constant concern. Plus, the Race of Eight Winds usually results in various forms of crime and vandalism. As a result, Daggerwatch has the largest concentration of the City Watch in Sharn. Many low-ranking city officials, including judges and tax collectors, make their homes in Daggerwatch and rely on the presence of the Watch to protect them from vengeful citizens.

Daggerwatch Garrison: The eponymous garrison in the district is the home to over 600 members of the Sharn Watch. In addition to the regular officers of the Watch, Daggerwatch Garrison houses the Goldwings and includes facilities for maintaining the unit’s 25 hippogriffs.
The Gold & White: This large tavern is usually filled with off-duty guards of the Watch and royal soldiers. Anyone wearing the insignia of a non-Brelish military unit, or who can be identified as having served with another nation during the Last War, receives an Unfriendly attitude by the patrons of The Gold & White. Conversely, any character who served Breland during the war gets a +2 circumstance bonus on Gather Information or Knowledge (local) checks made in the tavern, in addition to any bonus received from being a regular customer.
Talain Garrison: This fortress houses both the Sharn Watch and the elite Redcloak Battalion. While slightly smaller than the Daggerwatch Garrison, it is far more heavily fortified and could withstand an extended siege.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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