Dak Wallrat

Male Shifter(Cliffwalk) Druid 2 - Vermin Wrangler for Broken Tower Cult

Languages: Common, Druidic
Senses: Spot: +1, Listen: +1 Low-Light Vision
Speed: Land 30 feet, When shifting Climb 30 feet

HP: 11hp (2d8)
AC: 15 {16 when Shifting, 19 w/ braid} (+2 {3}Dex,+2 Leather, +1 buckler)

Saves: Fort: +3 Reflex: 0 Will:0
Abilities: Str: 8 Dex: 15 Con: 12 Int: 9 Wis: 12 Cha: 10

Base Attack: +1 Melee: 0 Ranged: +3 {+4 when shifted)

Attacks: Mwk Sling +4 (1d4 x2) 50ft
Dart +3 (1d4-1 x2) 20 feet
Sickle 0 (1d6-1 x2)

Attack Options - Shifting (Su) – Shift for 5 rounds, gives +2 dex, 30 foot climb speed
Braid of Scurrying Shifting – Can be used when shifting, for duration of shift, shrunk to small size. When shrunk and shifting AC is 19, atk is +6 sling, +5 Dart, 0 Sickle; New dmg is sling (1d3), Dart (1d4-2 x2), Sickle (1d4-2)

Special Qualities: Lowlight Vision, Wild Empathy, Woodland Stride
Skills: Climb:6 (5 -1str +2racial) Handle Animal: 7 (5 +2 Wild Empathy) Survival 6 (5 + 1)

Feats: Cliffwalk Elite - +10 ft climb speed
Child of Winter – Can Summon Vermin with Summon Nature's Ally
Flaw: Weak Will - -3 Will


** Saving Throw DC:** 11 plus spell lvl
Spells Per day: 0lvl – 4, 1Lvl – 2 +1 bonus
Spells Prepared:
** 0 Level -
1 Level -** Charm Animal, Summon Nature's Ally (Either Monstrous scorpion or Spider), Winter Chill (Spell compendium1d6 cold and fatigue)

Possessions: Mwk Sling, Ammo pouch w/ 25 bullets, small ammo pouch is dyed blue leather and has 5 ice bullets, (+1d6 cold, fort save dc15 or -10ft movement speed),Dart x5, Sickle
Leather Armor, dyed black, with a Darkweave Hooded cloak worn overtop.
A black buckler with the bronze symbol of a rat chewing on a tower base is strapped to left forearm.
Braid of Scurrying Shifting (100 gp Value) x 2 (One worn, one in side pouch), 2 x scrolls of magic fang, 1x scroll of charm animal, 1x Scroll of Delay Disease (Spell compendium),

Braid of Scurrying Shifting – Like the Braid of Dire Shifting except it reduces instead of enlarges.

(Effects of Shrinking) The target gains a +2 size bonus to Dexterity, a –2 size penalty to Strength (to a minimum of 1), and a +1 bonus on attack rolls and AC due to its reduced size. Wpns go down one step.
Any reduced item that leaves the reduced creature’s possession (including a projectile or thrown weapon) instantly returns to its normal size. This means that thrown weapons deal their normal damage (projectiles deal damage based on the size of the weapon that fired them).

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