Dalan's Refuge

District Type: Wealthy residential
Buildings: Upscale residences (250), average residences (30)
First Impression: The opulence of this neighborhood is overwhelming. The streets are lined with marble statues of famous inhabitants of Sharn, and fountains of illusion throw shimmering columns of rainbow light into the air. While not quite as luxurious as the homes of Ocean View, the mansions of Dalan’s Refuge are large and quite impressive.
Social Class: Upper class

Dalan’s Refuge is rather unremarkable, notable only for the wealth of its inhabitants, the number of pretentious monuments it contains, and the fact that a would be resident only needs to acquire 25 signatures before purchasing property in the district. It is filled with impressive mansions, along with a few smaller houses belonging to successful merchants, barristers, and politicians who haven’t quite made it to the top yet.

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