Dancing Shadows

District Type: Inn district
Buildings: Temple (Boldrei), shrine (Silver Flame), average lodging (50), poor lodging (180), average food (35), poor food (140), average trades (35), poor trades (105), average services (35), poor services (105)
First Impression: Tourists, travelers, and merchants fill the streets of this enormous district. Inns and taverns stretch as far as the eye can see. The quality is not exceptional, but there is no shortage of places to stay.
Social Class: Lower class
Dancing Shadows provides food, lodging, and basic services to the many people who arrive in Sharn every day. None of the inns or taverns are especially remarkable; in this case quality is more significant than quantity. Adventurers tend to stay in Deathsgate, while the wealthy often go to Silvergate in Upper Tavick’s Landing. Dancing Shadows caters to the commoners and traveling merchants who simply need a place to stay at a reasonable price.

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