Professor "Dash" Dannigan

(Changeling Bard 5, Artificer 3, Extreme Explorer 1, Loremaster 3)
One of the most widely known legendary figures associated with Morgrave University. He plundered tombs and ruins all over Khorvaire, Xen'drik, and even attempted going to Argonessan. It was his last trip to Argonessan in fact which resulted in him being retired from active field work, he had made it past the beaches and inland, but was discovered creeping into a temple to the Prophecy. He left with a book stolen from the shelves, a book penned by a dragon regarding the prophecy, but without the use of one of his legs. The Black Dragon who maintained the temple attacked him when discovered, and Dash didn't manage to activate his Orien teleport token in time to avoid a gout of acid to his leg. He spent considerable coin attempting to regenerate the leg, which he did, sort of. He regrew the leg, but still has very limited function with it, having to walk with a cane.
Dash now holds a permanent teaching position at Morgrave, lecturing on Archaeology, History and Geography. He also sometimes performs at the local Art Temple in the University District of Sharn, recounting his glorious adventures, playing all of the parts himself in a wonderful type of One Man Show. He holds the position of head of Archaeology, and is the overseer of all exhibits brought in; if an extraordinary find is brought in, it is always brought under his looking glass, and his favor is greatly sought by aspiring field workers.

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