Deathsgate Guild

Deathsgate Guild, Grey Embers Tower, Deathsgate, Middle Tavick's Landing, Sharn.

Established 200 years ago, this is a guild for adventurers and soldiers of fortune - a place for people with talent and courage to hone their skills and enjoy the company of like-minded folk. Deathsgate Guild adventurers are mostly 2nd-5th level characters, and most seved in the Last War. The adventurers of Deathsgate Guild have a strong rivalry with the adventurers of the Clifftop Guild, and Deathsgaters often start fights with their counterparts, both in Sharn and while out on adventures.

To join the guild a character must gain the approval of at least five current members and must pay the annual dues of 12 gp. In exchange he gets access to the guildhouse and the companionship of fellow adventurers. Aside from simple cameraderie, this provides the following benefits:

While at the guildhouse a character receives a +2 bonus on any Knowledge (dungeoneering) check or Knowledge check involvong Xen'drik.

  • The guildhouse provides average accomodations for members at the cost of 5 sp/day. However the guildhouse has the same security precautions as an upscale inn.
  • The guild will store items for its members. it has two voluminous vaults, one of adamantine and one of steel. If objects need to be stored for over a week, the guild charges 5gp per object/week.
  • The guild maintains a list of references for hirelings and inquisitives that have worked for guild members. As a result, if the party has connections with the guild, any hirelings they employ should be honest and reliable.
  • In addition, members share information and may help one another find jobs or expeditions.

The Guildhouse
The premises that the guild meet in are somewhat similar to a gentlemen's club or lounge.
There are always two guards on the door and they will only permit entry to guild members or those under invite of a member.
Upon entering the air is warm and gently scented with the gentle aroma of fine food, drink and the musty scent of books. A fire burns in the hearth through the cooler months which creates a welcoming atmosphere. Large and exotic potted plants convey a sense of exploration to the lounge and the mahogany panelled walls are adorned with the stuffed heads and skins of strange and perhaps unnatural monsters. Statuettes and ornaments from across Eberron stand as tribute to the diversity of the members travels and well used bookshelves hold tomes on Xen'drik, natural lore, religeous lore and Khyber as well as several well written expedition field notes. Members are free to peruse these at their leisure, however guests leafing through these works are politely asked to refrain.

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