Source: Dragon Magazine 312, Pg 30; Found on Crystal Keep

Alternate Wizard Class

Alignment: any
Combat: Wizard
Good Save: Will
Hit-Die: d4
Weapons: Club, Dagger, Crossbow, Quarterstaff

Class Skills
Skill Points: 2
Con: Concentration.
Int: Craft, Decipher Script, Know(any), Spellcraft.
Wis: Profession.
Cha: Bluff.

Differs from Wizard as the following

1st Level: Do not gain Scribe Scroll.
1st Level: Specialized in the Necromancy School, may not choose any other specialization.
1st Level: Can summon an Undead Familiar instead of a regular familiar.
1st Level: Class ability - Master of the Dead
5th Level: Do not gain Bonus Feat, instead; Class Ability: Aura of the Grave
10th Level: Do not gain Bonus Feat, instead; Class Ability: Shroud of Death
15th Level: Do not gain Bonus Feat, instead; Class Ability: Mastery of Undeath
20th Level: Do not gain Bonus Feat, instead; Class Ability: Mantle of Undeath

‘Deathwalker’ Class Abilities:

Master of the Dead
1. Can control up to (Class level * 5) HD of Skeletons and Zombies by making a Charisma check vs. DC (15 + HD). If the Deathwalker or his/her allies attack the target (before or after the check), it cannot be controlled.
2. Receives a –2 penalty on Fortitude saves vs. Negative Levels
3. Has pale skin, a low body temperature, & glassy-looking eyes.
Undead Familiar – Use the standard Familiar rules, but change the familiar into an Undead.

Aura of the Grave
1. No longer sleeps & is immune to Sleep effects.
2. Is immune to Disease.
3. His/her skin becomes stretched & eyes look hollow.
4. Know(arcana) check vs. DC 25 will identify the person as a Death Walker.

Shroud of Death
1. +4 Circumstance bonus on saves vs. Poison, Paralysis, & Mind-Affecting Effects.
2. Gains 50% resistance to Sneak Attacks & Critical Hits.
3. No longer eats & drinks.
4. Receives a –2 penalty on Charisma, Bluff, & Diplomacy checks vs. non-Undead.

Mastery of Undeath
1. Can Rebuke / Command Undead as a Cleric of the same level, (1 + Charisma modifier) times per day.
2. Begins looking very corpse-like.

Mantle of Undeath – Becomes an Undead.

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