Deck Of Transformations

Deck of Transformations: A deck of transformations appears similar to other magic decks of cards. It is usually stored in a lacquer box and contains a number of vellum cards engraved with glyphs, characters, and sigils. As soon as one of these cards is drawn from the pack, its magic is bestowed upon the character who drew it, for better or worse. A character may draw any number of cards from a deck of transformations, but at least one day must elapse between draws. Each time a card is taken from the deck, it disappears.
A full deck of transformations contains 39 cards, the effects of which are summarized on the accompanying table. Tarot cards may be used to simulate the magic cards, as indicated in the first column of the accompanying table. Cards in the tarot deck that appear in the table twice should be read according to whether they are drawn with the image oriented toward the viewer (listed simply by name) or with the image drawn upside down to the viewer (listed as “reversed”). If no tarot deck is available, substitute ordinary playing cards instead, as indicated in the second column.
If the summary of an effect lists a creature, the character drawing the card transforms permanently into a typical creature of that type (no saving throw), losing all current racial abilities and gaining all the racial abilities of the new creature.
If the summary of the effect lists a spell, the character is targeted with that spell but may make a saving throw at the listed DC to avoid its effect. All save DCs include a +5 bonus resulting from the powerful magic of the item.

Personal Notes: I love this deck, I try to have it make an appearance in each one of my campaigns. A problem that may come up when using it is if a character has a Dragonmark. Some results have the character's race change, which would mean changing to a race that does not possess that particular dragonmark; now, there are several solutions to this, which are all up to DM's discretion obviously.
1) Let the character keep it; It's a ton of fun to have a lizardfolk with a greater mark of making or something. This opens up all kinds of roleplaying possibilities for the character and the DM. What would House Cannith make of this? Perhaps the dragons foresaw this in the prophecy and they see this marked lizard as either a threat or a potential all.
2) Change the mark appropriately; Simply change it to a mark that the race would normally possess of equal rank. If the race does not support dragonmarks, make it an aberrant dragonmark.
3) Have the dragonmark disappear; This could be devastating to a character, as it means lost feats and abilities, perhaps even prestige classes or the ability to pilot an elemental craft. As unfair as this can be, it also provides a very extreme high end plot hook, with the character undergoing seemingly impossible tasks to retrieve his "True Form".

Deck of Transformations

Tarot Card Playing Card Effect
Strength K D +1 inherent bonus to Str
The Hanged Man K C +1 inherent bonus to Dex
The Emperor 10 C +1 inherent bonus to Con
The Magician 10 D +1 inherent bonus to Int
The High Priestess K S +1 inherent bonus to Wis
The Empress K H +1 inherent bonus to Cha
Strength (reversed) J D 1 point of Str drain
The Hanged Man (reversed) J C 1 point of Dex drain
The Emperor (reversed) 10 S 1 point of Con drain
The Magician (reversed) 10 H 1 point of Int drain
The High Priestess (reversed) J S 1 point of Wis drain
The Empress (reversed) J H 1 point of Cha drain
The Fool Joker (with trademark) Changeling
Nine of pentacles 9 S Dwarf
The Star 9 H Elf
Nine of wands 9 C Gnoll
Temperance 9 D Gnome
Temperance (reversed) 8 S Goblin
The Star (reversed) 8 H Half-elf
Eight of wands 8 C Half-orc
The World 8 D Halfling
Seven of swords 7 S Hobgoblin
Seven of cups 7 H Human
The Hierophant 6 H Kalashtar
Six of wands 6 C Kobold
Five of swords 5 S Lizardfolk
Five of wands 5 C Orc
The Moon Joker (without trademark) Shifter
Justice 2 S Horrid wilting (all creatures within 30 ft.; DC 27)
Death A H Baleful polymorph (DC 22; DM’s choice of creature type)
The Tower (reversed) A C Disintegrate (DC 24)
The Tower A S Flesh to stone (DC 24)
Justice (reversed) A D Temporal stasis (DC 27)
The Sun Q C Gain low-light vision
The Sun (reversed) Q S Gain darkvision out to 60 feet
Wheel of Fortune Q D Become one size smaller (if Medium or larger) or one size larger (if Small or smaller)
The Lovers Q H Your gender changes
The Chariot 2 H Your base land speed increases by 10 feet
The Chariot (reversed) 2 C Your base land speed decreases by 10 feet
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