Dm Screen

Campaign Begins: Nightfall 16th therendor 998yk, a thunderstorm is approaching
State of Party: Torion is facing Storm/Wolfran, Daellin is by the stairs in the caves, Nevimelk is unconcious in room B8 (The Drawing Room), and Geoff just went back to the lobby to look for help.

Party Status

Character hp Vision Diseased/Poisoned Meal Notes
Torion 20/20 Normal Good Been 2 hrs None
Daellin 6/14 Low-Light Vision Cured of Ghoul Fever Been 2 hrs None
Nevimelk -8/12 Normal Good Been 2 hrs Low on PP
Geoff 5/26 Normal —- Been 2 hrs 1 Str, 2 Dex Ability Damage from Bite
Throkk 20/28 Darkvision 60ft Has Ghoul Fever, make fort save in morning Hungry/Thirsty On Ship
Eoin 22/22 Normal Good Hungry/thirsty On ship

Party Special Abilities

To update after session
Story So Far
Party Bestiary - With any knowledge gained from encounters
Party Loot - Starting in Session 5,
Quest Items and Souvenirs - Merge with Party Loot
Important Info - Any important information picked up, like Wolfran is in the basement.
Active Party Tasks - Any completed quests or new sidequests and progress.
NPCs - Any NPC's the players encountered in the session.

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