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This is a list of the monsters in 3.5 edition books, sorted by sourcebook.
For monsters commonly used as mounts.


Aberration Animal Elemental Humanoid Monstrous Humanoid
Fey Giant Magical Beast Monstrous Humanoid Ooze
Outsider Plant Undead Vermin Construct


From All Sources

Air Cold Earth Fire Water
Aquatic Goblinoid Incorporeal Lawful Chaotic
Reptilian Shapechanger Dire Animal Swarm Dinosaurs
Angels Archon Eladrin Demons Devils
Dragons Dragonblood Elementals Genie Naga
Golem Planetouched Mephit Slaad Troll
Hag Lycanthrope Templates Psionic Variants
Deathless Living Construct Magebred Animal Living Spell Quori

Monsters by Sourcebook/Setting

Wizards of The Coast

Monster Manual 1 Monsters
Monster Manual 2 Monsters
Monster Manual 3 Monsters
Monster Manual 4 Monsters
Monster Manual 5 Monsters
Sandstorm Monsters

Giant Ant Lion - CR 5 Vermin, Desert

Third Party Publishers

WoW Manual of Monsters

Lightning Revenant - CR4 Air Elemental


Gargantuan Zombie Tyrannosaurus - CR 8
Cinder Worg
Minor Sunken Tower Guardian

Specific Statted Monsters


Isla Mogrova Defenders
Tigrin Warrior - Fighter 1 - The very most basic of Tigrin Fighters
Tigrin Swordsage - Swordsage 1 - Should have a couple different power/school/weapon combinations
Tigrin Fighter - Swordsage 5 - A section commander
Tigrin Commander - Swordsage 8
Leonin Commander - Some sort of Blade Magic, lvl 10 equivalent
Thri-Kreen Commander - Psion 8
Yuan-Ti Pureblood Warlock - A Yuan-ti Pureblood Warlock 1, basic troops.
Yuan-Ti Pureblood Team Leader - Warlock 5
Yuan-Ti Abomination
Yuan-Ti Abomination Shipsmasher One each posted on the two beaches. Psychic Warrior 2 (Psychic Warrior are characterized as Warlock-type fiendish powers and are spells not psionic).

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