Desert Wind

Speed and mobility are the hallmarks of the Desert Wind discipline. Desert Wind maneuvers often involve blinding flurries of blows, quick charges, and agile footwork. Some maneuvers from this school, however, draw power from the supernatural essence of the desert and allow an adept practitioner to scour his foes with fire.
The key skill for Desert Wind maneuvers is Tumble. Weapons associated with Desert Wind include the scimitar, light mace, light pick, falchion, and spear.


1st Level
Flame’s Blessing: Stance—Gain fire resistance based on Tumble ranks.
2nd Level
3rd Level
Holocaust Cloak: Stance—Attackers take 5 fire damage.


1st Level

Blistering Flourish: Strike—Dazzle creatures around you.
Burning Blade: Boost—Deal 1d6 fire + 1/initiator level.
Distracting Ember: Boost—Fire elemental appears, flanks enemy.
Wind Stride: Boost—+10-ft. bonus to speed.

2nd Level

Burning Brand: Boost—Gain +5-ft. reach, deal fire damage.
Fire Riposte: Counter—Counter foe’s attack with fiery touch that deals 4d6 damage.
Flashing Sun: Strike—Gain extra attack.
Hatchling’s Flame: Strike—Cone deals 2d6 fire damage.

3rd Level

Death Mark: Strike—Enemy takes extra fire damage and explodes in a fiery spread.
Fan the Flames: Strike—Ranged touch attack deals 6d6 fire damage.
Zephyr Dance: Counter—+4 AC against single attack.

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