The scourge of humanity and the cosmos, devils are fiends from the Nine Hells of Baator, a lawful evil realm. Devils enjoy bullying those weaker than themselves and often attack good creatures just to gain a trophy or three. The most powerful devils occupy themselves with plots to seize power, wreck civilizations, and inflict misery upon mortals.
Many devils are surrounded by a fear aura, which they use to break up powerful groups and defeat opponents piecemeal. Devils with spell-like abilities use their illusion abilities to delude and confuse foes as much as possible. A favorite trick is to create illusory reinforcements; enemies can never be entirely sure if a threat is only a figment or real summoned devils joining the fray.
The most numerous devils are the baatezu, infamous for their strength, evil temperament, and ruthlessly efficient organization. Baatezu have a rigid caste system, in which authority derives not only from power but also from station. They occupy themselves mainly with extending their influence throughout the planes by corrupting mortals. Baatezu who further this goal are usually rewarded with improved stations.

Baatezu/Devil Traits: A baatezu possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).

  • Immunity to fire and poison.
  • Resistance to acid 10 and cold 10.
  • See in Darkness (Su): All baatezu can see perfectly in darkness of any kind, even that created by a deeper darkness spell.
  • Summon (Sp): Baatezu share the ability to summon others of their kind (the success chance and type of baatezu summoned are noted in each monster description).
  • Telepathy.

Except when otherwise noted, devils speak Infernal, Celestial, and Draconic.


Unless otherwise noted, devils are native to the plane of Shavarath, where they wage eternal war against demons and celestials. On occasion, a mortal caster conjures one of these schemers to do his bidding. Otherwise, the devils plot and connive, manipulating mortals on the Material Plane to further their ends in their endless war.

Types of Devil

CR Name Descripton Source
CR 1 Lemure Mindless, tormented creature that attacks in mobs. MM1
CR 2 Imp Clever devil that aids evil mortals with dark counsel and trickery. MM1
CR 4 White Abishai A servant of Tiamat FC2
CR 5 Bearded devil (Barbazu) Ferocious warrior that frenzies with a saw-toothed glaive. MM1
CR 5 Black Abishai A servant of Tiamat FC2
CR 6 Chain devil (Kyton) Murderous torturer with an infernal command of chains. MM1
CR 6 Green Abishai A servant of Tiamat FC2
CR 7 Amnizu Infernal Portal Guardians, their touch can erase memories. FC2
CR 7 Harvester Devil (Falxugon) Noble looking fiend who attempts to seduce mortals with infernal pacts. FC2
CR 7 Hellcat (Bezekira) Infernal, invisible catlike devil the size of a tiger. MM1
CR 7 Blue Abishai A servant of Tiamat FC2
CR 8 Erinyes A fallen angel that delivers death from her fiery bow. MM1
CR 8 Red Abishai A servant of Tiamat FC2
CR 9 Bone devil (Osyluth) Hateful fiend with a dangerous sting. MM1
CR 11 Assassin Devil (Dogai) A humanoid elite silent killer. FC2
CR 11 Barbed devil (Hamatula) Elite infernal warrior with impaling spikes. MM1
CR 12 Ayperobos Swarm A cloud of thousands of diminutive devils who attempt to burrow into a creature and control it. FC2
CR 13 Ice devil (Gelugon) Insectlike horror promising a cold death. MM1
CR 16 Horned devil (Cornugon) Gargoylelike fiend armed with a spiked chain. MM1
CR 19 Hellfire Engine Infernal constructs constructed as artillery for the Blood War FC2
CR 20 Pit fiend Lord of devils, with great strength and deadly power. MM1
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