Devilfish Garrison

An outpost on the east beach, commonly known as Devilfish beach. Thouses a company of Brelish Soldiers
Devilfish Garrison will receive a specialized Jail for enemies of the state. This will be called Devilfish Hold. It is not as maximum security as Dreadhold, but it is quite secure. It provides a place to put the pesky POW's from the Lungtite invasion, and provides a bit of an economic boost to the island from the prisoner labor.

Devilfish Beach Garrison (Loyalty +2, Stability +2; Unrest –2.)
Devilfish Watchtower (+1 Stability; +2 Defense Modifier; Unrest –1.)
Devifish Hold - Jail, Prison Camp with Prisoner Labor (Loyalty +2, Stability +2, Economy +1, 1 Minor Item)

Loyalty +4
Stability +3
Economy +1
Defense +2
Unrest -3
1 Minor Item

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