Dhakaani Antiquities

The goblinoid Dhakaani Empire rose in central Khorvaire more than seventeen thousand years ago, growing until it dominated the continent. The Dhakaanis’ greatest hour came ten thousand years ago, when they fought off an invasion of the daelkyr from Xoriat, the Plane of Madness. But the Daelkyr War decimated the Dhakaani, and civil strife brought the empire to ruin some six thousand years ago. Many Dhakaani ruins dot the landscape of Khorvaire, especially in modern-day Breland and Darguun.
These ancient sites—and the treasures within them— are held in particular esteem by modern-day hobgoblins from Darguun who seek to create a new Dhakaani Empire. Explorers will have to contend with goblinoid rivals that regard Dhakaani antiquities as rightfully belonging to Darguun.
Dhakaani art and ornamentation is either intentionally austere or baroque in its detail. The Dhakaani found the arts of calligraphy and illumination particularly pleasing, and much of their jewelry, art, and magic items have inscriptions. Short poems, proverbs of wisdom, the artisan’s or owner’s name, or magical words and phrases are common inscriptions. Much of Dhakaani art tends to be abstract rather than representational, although portraiture in particular favors as much realism as the artist can manage. Artistic materials varied, although Dhakanni jewelers were fond of electrum and platinum.
Treasure Preferences: The Dhakaani Empire rose from the ashes of a unification war, fought a war at its zenith, and ended in civil war. Accordingly, armor and weapons are among the most common Dhakaani antiquities. Dhakaani armor is almost always spiked (+50 gp), and locked gauntlets (+8 gp) are common with heavy armor. Magic armor with the spell resistance or invulnerability special abilities is common, as is armor made from mithral.
Dhakaani arsenals often have magic weapons with the defending, wounding, and speed abilities. Iron and steel were the Dhakaani smith’s material of choice until the start of the Daelkyr War, when smiths began using byeshk for weapons whenever they could, since such weapons were unusually effective against horrors from Xoriat. The Daelkyr War period also saw the rise of aberration bane weapons. Tragically, Dhakaani sites from the twilight years of the Empire often have goblinoid bane weapons used in the civil wars that tore the Dhakaani Empire apart.
Many elite Dhakaani soldiers used rings of force shield so they could wield two-handed weapons. A ring of regeneration was a common badge of honor for the greatest heroes of Dhakaan.
The Dhakaani military didn’t usually have clerics marching alongside its troops, so it issued them many potions and wands of cure moderate wounds and cure serious wounds— countless examples of which are still buried in Dhakaani ruins. Potions of lesser restoration and remove fear are common from the Daelkyr War period.
In addition to the suggested treasures above, the following items make good additions to Dhakaani treasure troves; Banner of the storm’s eye, implacable blade, Raven skull rod, Tunic of Thurrinak.

Example Dhakaani Treasures

Item Market Price
Ebony eating utensils with curved handles 30 gp
Smooth silver bracelet inscribed with proverb 80 gp
Silk cape with golden-thread fringe 90 gp
Electrum ring with inset agate 100 gp
Copper platter inscribed with family names 150 gp
Rare face pigments 200 gp
Heavy wool rug with Goblin alphabet 300 gp
Ivory chalice with spiral stem 400 gp
Ebony bracelet carved with owner’s name 450 gp
Framed illuminated manuscript page 500 gp
Electrum earrings 600 gp
Silver mirror inscribed with poem 650 gp
Opal necklace 700 gp
Brass flute inlaid with ivory 800 gp
Electrum ring with extensive filigree 900 gp
Onyx carving of abstract, angular figure 1,000 gp
Mithral buckler 1,015 gp
Brocaded satin vest 1,100 gp
Portrait of hobgoblin soldier 1,200 gp
Charm bracelet with illuminated-letter charms 1,500 gp
Masterwork byeshk longsword (or similar weapon) 1,815 gp
Abstract painting suggestive of landscape 2,000 gp
Necklace of interlocking bone carvings 2,400 gp
Darkwood music box with inscribed lyrics 2,500 gp
Arm circlet inscribed with artist’s name 2,800 gp
Tapestry with concentric circles 3,000 gp
Platinum ring with emerald setting 4,000 gp
Mithral spiked breastplate 4,250 gp
Gold platter set with rubies 5,000 gp
Tunic of Thurrinak +1 5,000 gp
Raven skull rod (set of 2) 8,000 gp
Mithral spiked full plate with locked gauntlet 10,550 gp
Raven skull rod (set of 3) 12,000 gp
Banner of the storm’s eye 15,000 gp
Raven skull rod (set of 4) 16,000 gp
+1 implacable blade 19,815 gp
Raven skull rod (set of 5) 20,000 gp
Tunic of Thurrinak +2 20,000 gp
+2 implacable blade 33,815 gp
Tunic of Thurrinak +3 45,000 gp
+3 implacable blade 51,815 gp
Tunic of Thurrinak +4 80,000 gp
Tunic of Thurrinak +5 125,000 gp
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