Dinosaurs, or terrible lizards, are ancient beasts that may be related to dragons. Among the traits that predatory dinosaurs share with many dragons are sharp teeth, a savage disposition, a well-developed sense of territory, and a ruthless capacity to hunt. Herbivorous dinosaurs usually are not aggressive unless wounded or defending their young, but may attack if startled or harassed.
Dinosaurs come in many sizes and shapes. Bigger varieties have drab coloration, while smaller dinosaurs have more colorful markings. Most dinosaurs have a pebbly skin texture. Dinosaurs most often live in rugged or isolated areas that humanoids seldom visit: remote mountain valleys, inaccessible plateaus, tropical islands, and deep fens.

Dinosaurs are widespread on Eberron, particularly in Xen’drik, Argonnessen, Q’barra, and the Talenta Plains. Large varieties wander freely across Xen’drik, including both herbivores and carnivores, while the dragons of Argonnessen have mostly eliminated the carnivorous varieties
from their realm. Smaller dinosaurs are the rule in Q’barra and the Talenta Plains, including three varieties commonly used by Talenta halflings as mounts.

Types of Dinosaurs

Name CR Description Source
Deinonychus 3 Aka Carver MM1
Elasmosaurus 7 Huge Aquatic Carnivore MM1
Megaraptor 6 Huge version of the Deinonychus, Great Carver MM1
Triceratops 9 Huge, Powerful Charge and Trample MM1
Tyrannosaurus 8 Huge Carnivore, Improved Grab, Swallow Whole MM1
Cryptoclidus 3 Large Aquatic Carnivore, similar to Elasmosaurus MM2
Allosaurus 7 Huge, Swallow Whole MM2
Ankylosaurus 7 Huge, Trample MM2
Quetzalcoatlus 8 Huge Flying, Swallow Whole MM2
Seismosaurus 12 Colossal, Trample 10d10+22 MM2
Spinosaurus 13 Gargantuan Carnivore, Swallow Whole, Trample, Frightful Presence MM2
Battletitan 16 Huge, Improved Grab, Swallow Whole, Armored MM3
Bloodstriker 6 Large, Blood Spit, Caustic blood, low-light vision, spiked skin MM3
Fleshraker 2 Medium, Leaping pounce, poison, rake 1d6+2 MM3
Swindlespitter 1 Small, Poison spray, Darkvision MM3
Protoceratops 3 Medium Sized, Powerful Charge Sandstorm
Diprotodon 5 Large furry Marsupial, Trample Attack Sandstorm
Clawfoot 2 Velociraptor, Used as a war mount Eberron Campaign Setting
Fastieth 1/2 Small and quick biped, Used as a common halfling mount Eberron Campaign Setting
Glidewing 2 Pteranodon, Used as a flying war mount Eberron Campaign Setting
Apatosaurus/Brontosaurus 16 Colossal four legged herbivore, Trample Lost Prehistorica
Brachiasaurus 15 Gargantuan Four Legged Herbivore, Tail Slap Lost Prehistorica
Dinofelis/Saber Tooth Tiger 5 Large jungle cat, Pounce Lost Prehistorica
Dimetrodon 2 Large sail backed lizard Lost Prehistorica
Iguanadon 6 Huge sized herbivore Lost Prehistorica
Stegosaurus 5 Huge, Slam attack Lost Prehistorica
Brontotherium 7 Huge, Powerful Charge, Looks like a Rhino/Kodo Animal Archives 1
Gastornis 2 Medium sized flightless carrion bird Animal Archives 2
Mammoth 10 Huge Furred Elephant, Trample Tome of Horrors 2 pg 186
Mastadon 12 Huge Furred Elephant, Trample and Multi-attack Tome of Horrors 2 pg 187


Dinosaurs take full advantage of their size and speed. The swift carnivores stalk prey, staying hidden in cover until they can get into charge range and rush to the attack. Herbivores frequently overrun and trample their opponents.

Dinosaur Names

Naturally, the peoples of Eberron do not refer to dinosaurs using the names bestowed on them by real-world paleontologists. The following table indicates the Common and Draconic names of the dinosaur varieties found in the Monster Manual (M), Monster Manual II (2), and Monster Manual III (3), as well as the real-world, scientific names of the dinosaurs mentioned here (when applicable).

Scientific Name Common Name Draconic Name
Allosaurus2 Bladetooth Vharag’eth
Ankylosaurus2 Hammertail Hurak’eth
n/a Battletitan3 Khomavharag’eth
n/a Bloodstriker3 Mekikaran’eth
Cryptoclidus2 Fintail Paharan’ost
DeinonychusM Carver Ka’rhavad’eth
ElasmosaurusM Great fintail Hapaharan’ost
n/a Fleshraker3 Eshka’rhavad’eth
Leaellynasaura Fastieth Falas’eth
MegaraptorM Great carver Haka’rhavad’eth
Quetzalcoatlus2 Soarwing Shovath’ien
Seismosaurus2 Thunderherder Khotasann’eth
Spinosaurus2 Spineback Shafanna’eth
n/a Swindlespitter3 Fashekan’eth
TriceratopsM Threehorn Kotikaran’eth
TyrannosaurusM Swordtooth titan Havharag’eth
Pteranodon Glidewing Abarr’ien
Velociraptor Clawfoot Rhavad’eth
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