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DM Tools


Conditions - A summary of conditions that can afflict a player, each one will be hyperlinked.

Goods and Commodities

Eberron Food and Drink - Eberron specific items which might occupy a menu or cupboard.
List of Goods - Things to populate shops with, no real statistics. Needs to be tidied up and organized.
List of Tavern Essentials - Things to help populate a tavern menu.
List of Furs - WIP
Lodging and Room and Board Prices - A suggested table.
List of Materials Used For Construction - Metals, stones, woods.
List of Building Styles and Types - Igloos to Huts, Fish Mongers, Coffee Houses and Gemners.
List of Rooms and Furnishings - Organized by theme.
Populace Related Terms - Types of government, noble titles, occupations and so on.

The World

Atmospheric Conditions and Weather - Includes Rainfall generator and tables for describing effects of wind.
Terrain Elements and Features - Includes a chart outlining land productivity, by acre, as well as rocks and a hardness scale.
Gemstones - These include Bloodstones, moonstones, gnome-eyes and so on, as well as a listing of prices of real-world gemstones in d20 rules.
List of Flora - The many varieties of plants in the real-world. Pg 83 of GGWB, Includes Herbs and their magical uses.
List of Fauna - A variety of mundane animals, information about horses and pack animals.

Random Tools

Spell Effect Generator - For magical effects which defy conventional explanation. I.e. A curse that causes hail to fall in the village every time a maiden cries.
Random Person Generator - Tables to generate every aspect of a persons creation.
Colors and Associated Colors - The various shades of each.
List of Crimes - Crimes a person can be charged with.
List of Punishments - GGLF

Approved non standard feats

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