Commerce Domain

Deity: Kol Korran.
Granted Power: You gain a +10 competence bonus on Profession checks made to earn a living (not checks to accomplish specialized tasks).
Add Appraise to your list of cleric class skills.

Commerce Domain Spells

1 Comprehend Languages: You understand all spoken and written languages.
2 Zone of Truth: Subjects within range cannot lie.
3 Tongues: Speak any language.
4 Glibness: You gain +30 on Bluff checks, and your lies can escape magical discernment.
5 True SeeingM: Lets you see all things as they really are.
6 Leomund’s Secret ChestF: Hides expensive chest on Ethereal Plane; you retrieve it at will.
7 RefugeM: Alters item to transport its possessor to you.
8 Analyze DweomerF: Reveals magical aspects of subject.
9 Polymorph Any Object: Changes any subject into anything else.

Source: Eberron Campaign Setting

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