Meditation Domain

Deity: The Path of Light.
Granted Power: Once per day, you can cast one spell as though it had the Empower Spell feat applied to it. However, you cast the spell at its normal level, not at two levels higher, and use the normal casting time of the spell. You need not know the Empower Spell feat to use this ability.

Meditation Domain Spells

1 Comprehend Languages: You understand all spoken and written languages.
2 Owl’s Wisdom: Subject gains +4 to Wis for 1 min./level.
3 Locate Object: Senses direction toward object (specific or type).
4 Tongues: Speak any language.
5 Spell Resistance: Subject gains SR 12 + level.
6 Find the Path: Shows most direct way to a location.
7 Spell Turning: Reflect 1d4+6 spell levels back at caster.
8 Mind Blank: Subject is immune to mental/emotional magic and scrying.
9 Astral Projection: Projects you and companions onto Astral Plane.

Source: Eberron Campain Setting

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