Granted Power: Inclement weather has less of an effect on you. Rain and snow don’t penalize your Spot and Search checks. You can move through snow-covered and icy terrain at your normal movement. Wind effects, whether natural or magical, affect you as if you were one size category larger.

Windstorm Domain Spells

1 Obscuring Mist: Fog surrounds you.
2 Binding Winds: Air prevents subject from moving, hinders ranged attacks.
3 Call Lightning: Calls down lightning bolts (3d6 per bolt) from sky.
4 Ice Storm: Hail deals 5d6 damage in cylinder 40 ft. across.
5 Arc of Lightning†: Line of electricity arcs between two creatures (1d6/level damage).
6 Cloudwalkers†: Subjects can fl y outdoors at speed of 60 ft.
7 Control Weather: Changes weather in local area.
8 Whirlwind: Cyclone deals damage and can pick up creatures.
9 Whirlwind, Greater†: As whirlwind, but larger and more destructive.

Source: Spell Compendium

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