District Type: Tavern district
Buildings: Temple (Olladra), average lodging (14), poor lodging (80), average food (25), poor food (120), poor trades (40), poor services (40), poor residences (80)
First Impression: By night, inebriated revelers stumble forth into the crowded streets from dozens of taverns. By day, this district is a virtual ghost town, with only cleaning crews, delivery personnel, and the occasional determined drunk livening up the scene.
Social Class: Lower class

Situated on the western end of the plateau, separated from Torchfire and Firelight by the residential neighborhood of Center Bridge, Downstairs is nevertheless a rowdy district. Most of its businesses are taverns rather than fine restaurants (though there are exceptions), and drunken revels are the norm every night. Carousers finished with an evening at the theater in Torchfire or even the upper wards, or fresh from different kinds of activities in Firelight, come Downstairs to cap off the night.
Diamond Theater: The Diamond Theater is something new in Lower Menthis—competition for the Ten Torches Theater in Torchfire. With its large stage, copious seating (it seats 1,000 comfortably), and renowned artist-in-residence, the Diamond manages to exude an air of sophistication in a ward all about base entertainment. Luca Syara, the Diamond’s resident playwright, is the hottest thing going in Sharn’s entertainment world at present. Many of her plays wrestle seriously with issues raised by the Last War, exploring themes of nationalism, shattered idealism, alienation and grief, and the search for meaning in a war-ravaged world. For many, such serious, modern plays hold no interest and draw nothing but derision, but even those who hate her still talk about her. Her contract with the Diamond expires in another year, and certain circles buzz constantly with speculation about what upper-ward theater will snatch her up at that point.
Four Sails: The Four Sails restaurant is the exception to the general rule of Downstairs that drink comes first, food second. Known as one of Sharn’s hidden dining treasures, regular patrons of Four Sails claim that it has the best seafood in Sharn. Located at the base of Seventh Tower, Four Sails is owned by a Lhazaarite named Ulfen Marcrot (N male human barbarian 3/rogue 1), who certainly knows his seafood. Though he prefers not to discuss his past with the tourists and slumming upper-ward residents who come to Four Sails for the dining experience, Ulfen has a colorful history he does enjoy sharing with adventurers. Born and raised a pirate in the Lhazaar Principalities, he took up an adventuring career later in life and has even explored Argonnessen’s coast.

Source: Sharn:City of Towers

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