Dragon Towers

District Type: Guildhall district
Buildings: Dragonmarked house enclaves (12), trade guild halls (20), average lodging (20), average food (35), upscale trades (20), average trades (50), poor trades (15), upscale services (20), average services (35), poor services (13), average residences (120)
First Impression: Wealthy and important-looking people parade through this district with escorts of sycophants and well-armed guards. The sigils of the dragonmarked houses are in abundant view.
Social Class: Middle class
Enclaves belonging to the thirteen dragonmarked houses can be found in this district. Of the thirteen, the most important in Sharn are House Tharashk, House Cannith, House Kundarak, House Sivis, and House Lyrandar. Those five families have the largest enclaves in Dragon Towers, as well as smaller outposts in the areas of the city where they do most of their business.
Tharashk Enclave: The sprawling complex of Tharashk Enclave occupies several levels of three towers near the Sword Point district. A significant percentage of Sharn’s half-orc population lives in this complex. Yevgen Torrn (N male half-orc expert 5/master inquisitive 3/dragonmark heir 1) leads the enclave, and operates as a very expensive inquisitive-for-hire.
Globe Information Agency: This inquisitive agency run by Kava Velderan (N female human expert 6/master inquisitive 3), a dragonmarked heir of the House of Finding, has ties to House Tharashk. Kava prides herself on her ability to find anyone, anywhere. Her agents escalate cases to her attention only when they prove to be nearly impossible to solve.
Cannith Enclave: Cannith Enclave inhabits the whole of Cannith Tower. In both Highest Towers (Upper Central) and Granite Halls (Lower Central), members of House Cannith’s Fabricators’ Guild operate artisans’ shops (upscale trades) in the tower. Merrix d’Cannith (N male human artificer 9/dragonmark heir 3) leads House Cannith’s Sharn enclave.
Lyrandar Enclave: The Lyrandar Enclave in Dragon Towers is relatively small, but only because so much of the house’s operations are housed elsewhere in Sharn. They have several offices in the waterfront districts of Cliffside and Lower Dura to manage the house’s shipping interests, and a large office near the airship docking tower at the top of Lyrandar Tower, in the Highest Towers district, manages the house’s air transport business. Though House Orien controls the land shipping in and out of the city, House Lyrandar has offices in Lower Tavick’s Landing to facilitate trade between the two houses. Solia d’Lyrandar (N female half-elf expert 7/dragonmark heir 4) oversees the enclave and supervises the operations of all the smaller offices, as well.
Kundarak Enclave: Kundarak Enclave can be found in Sivis Tower, as the house commands a major presence in the Korranath district (in Upper Central), where the Kundarak Bank is located. Even so, Kundarak Enclave is large and impressive, with marble columns supporting lofty ceilings with dazzling mosaics of precious metals and stones. Security, as one might expect from the House of Warding, is extremely tight. Daphanë d’Kundarak oversees the enclave, but spends most of her time at the Kundarak Bank.
Sivis Enclave: The Sivis Enclave, tightly enclosed in Sivis Tower, shares space with the dwarves of House Kundarak.
House Tarkanan: House Tarkanan is a criminal organization structured in mockery of the dragonmarked houses. Its leader, Thora Tavin, is not related to the dragonmarked houses, though she does have an aberrant mark—a fact that she keeps secret from even her closest associates. Thora’s residence, a spacious mansion nestled among the towers o the house enclaves, serves as the secret headquarters of her organization. From here, she personally directs a range of criminal and questionable activities throughout the city, with a particular focus on burglary, assassination, forgery, and loan sharking.
Thuranni Entertainers Guild - A Thuranni Enclave; located on Long Dance Way in Thuranni Tower.

Calling in a favor

Characters with the Favored in House feat are certain to find themselves in Dragon Towers at some point, hoping to win a favor from someone highly placed in their house. The DM can use the following guidelines to determine the scope of possible favors for such characters.
General Favors: Free use of a least mark (DC 15), lesser mark (DC 20), or greater mark (DC 25). The services of a dragonmarked hireling for one day (DC 25).
House-Specific Favors: A few houses offer specific services that members of that house can get for free or reduced rates. The DM can extrapolate from these services to other houses’ services.
House Jorasco: Free long-term healing care for up to a month (DC 15).
House Lyrandar: Half-fare passage on an airship anywhere within Khorvaire (DC 15); passage on an airship beyond normal routes (DC 25; normal cost applies). Free passage on a Lyrandar galleon (DC 15).
House Orien: Free passage on an Orien caravan as far as Thrane or the eastern reaches of Breland (DC 15). Half-fare passage on the lightning rail to any location (DC 15). Free passage on the lightning rail to a neighboring nation (DC 20).

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