District Type: Red light district
Buildings: Temple (Olladra), shrine (the Traveler), upscale lodging (Velvet’s) (1), average lodging (9), poor lodging (70), average food (20), poor food (80), poor trades (80), poor services (especially brothels, gambling halls, and pawnshops) (140), poor residences (100)
First Impression: This district varies dramatically from street to street, blending loud, lowbrow entertainment with more sophisticated and sensual pleasures for wealthier visitors.
Social Class: Lower class

Like the changelings who control most of the brothels, Dragoneyes shifts its appearance to suit the needs of the moment. Where it caters to teamsters and Cogs workers, Dragoneyes is a rough-and-tumble neighborhood filled with rowdy taverns and gambling halls. But the west side of the district is designed with merchants and the wealthy in mind, and the delights it offers are more sophisticated.
Dragoneyes has a number of inns, taverns, and restaurants aimed toward frequent travelers passing through Sharn. But there is no reason a visitor should have to dine or sleep alone. The streets are full of people of all races and genders offering companionship. Wise people avoid these freelance operatives— who are often thieves or con artists looking for an opportunity—and instead frequent one of the many brothels in the district. Dragoneyes also contains a handful of dream parlors, places where illusion magic is used to provide exotic entertainment.
Dragoneyes is the base of operations of the Tyrants, a guild of deception run by doppelgangers and changelings. The Tyrants manage to walk a fine line, dealing with both Daask and the Boromar Clan to provide the people of Dragoneyes with dreamlily and dragon’s blood.

Areas of Interest

Chance: Dragoneyes has quite a few rowdy gambling halls, but Chance is a more sophisticated casino. In addition to running the standard games and making odds on the various races and sporting events that occur throughout the city, Chance has a reputation for being able to arrange and cover almost any bet. Can you survive for two days with House Tarkanan trying to assassinate you? Can you seduce the ambassador from Aerenal in the next 24 hours? Chance makes the odds, takes the bet, and makes the arrangements required to set the challenge in motion. The casino is owned by a doppelganger named Chance (CN doppelganger adept 12/rogue 2), who is also a powerful priest of the Traveler. Almost nothing is known about Chance; the doppelganger wears a different guise every night, and the only way to recognize Chance is by the distinctive amulet it wears.
Chance is not an agent of the Tyrant guild. It respects the guild and may provide magical assistance to guild members, but it serves the Traveler in its own way and stands above the guilds and politics of the city.

The Shifting Hall: The resources of the Tyrants are hidden throughout Dragoneyes, but they maintain a small building on the Street of Eyes where prospective clients can come in search of services. This building is completely unmarked and unremarkable. To find it, a character must obtain directions or make a DC 25 Knowledge (local) check. The Tyrant leadership is rarely found at the hall, and instead moves from base to base throughout the district.

Velvet’s: This luxurious inn specializes in fulfilling fantasies. While companions of all races and genders can be found here (though most are in fact doppelgangers or changelings), a client can enjoy the company of anyone he or she desires. A portrait is preferred, but Velvet (CN female doppelganger illusionist 5) can pluck images from the mind of a client, drawing out appearance, mannerisms, and other desired traits. The appearance of rooms can be adjusted to fulfill a specific scenario. While companionship is certainly sold at Velvet’s, it is not always what people want. A client may want to practice a wedding proposal. A barrister may go to Velvet’s to relive a glorious triumph in the courtroom. A lonely traveler may want to spend one night at home with his wife and family, even if they are only facsimiles. Velvet’s can make all of these happen. The cost of such elaborate scenarios is considerably higher than a standard inn or brothel, but Velvet’s does provide an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

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