Dragonmarked Houses

The dragonmarked houses are independant of nations and hold tremendous sway over them regardless. Players can apply for membership to any of the houses, but may not belong to more than one at a time, at least not openly. Houses often are interconnected, such as House Cannith and Orien both inventing the Lightning Rail, and so working with eachother is encouraged.
House Cannith - Human Mark of Making
House Deneith - Human Mark of Protection
House Ghallanda - Halfling Mark of Hospitality
House Jorasco - Halfling Mark of Healing
House Kundarak - Dwarf Mark of Warding
House Lyrandar - Half-elf Mark of Storm
House Medani - Half-elf Mark of Detection
House Orien - Human Mark of Passage
House Phiarlan - Elf Mark of Shadow
House Thuranni - Elf Mark of Shadow
House Sivis - Gnome Mark of Scribing
House Tharashk - Half-Orc Mark of Finding
House Vadalis - Human Mark of Handling

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