Dragonmarks And The Chamber

The Prophecy is constantly evolving. As the actions of the present open new paths to the future, these routes are revealed in stone and storm, in the convergent motions of moon and plane. A few thousand years ago—within the estimated life span of a gold dragon—the Prophecy revealed itself in a new form. Dragonmarks.
Traced across the flesh of a number of the lesser races, these sigils are more than a source of mystic power. To a student of the draconic Prophecy, the actions of the dragonmarked provide insight into the paths of the Prophecy, much as a lesser augur might read hints of the future in the movements of birds. The appearance of the dragonmarks sent shock waves across Argonnessen. Why were the marks appearing on humanoids instead of the far more ancient and nobler dragons? Would this give humanoids the power to shift the path of the Prophecy? Some declared that this transition from stone to short-lived flesh was a sign that the Prophecy was nearing its end… an end that would herald the death of Eberron and the birth of a new reality.
Many among the militant Light of Siberys urged the Conclave to destroy the dragonmarked, to prevent the Lords of Dust or other enemies from using them. Other dragons argued that this was a manifestation of the will of Eberron, and destroying it would be a blasphemous act that could have cataclysmic results. While the Conclave considered, a new voice was heard in the tumult. Young dragons of all colors challenged the passive philosophy of their elders. The world was changing; this new age called for direct observation and, when necessary, manipulation of the lesser beings. After long debate, the Conclave agreed to give the members of this new movement a chance to explore their theories. Stern warnings were issued about empowering Tiamat, however, and a set of guidelines limiting involvement was drafted.
Freed, at least in part, from the restrictions that branded Vvaraak and others anathema, the younger dragons formed the territory known as the Tapestry in Argonnessen. A select few were chosen to travel across the world, to monitor the dragonmarked, to search for other signs of the Prophecy, and to oppose the Lords of Dust and others who worked against the interests of Argonnessen. This group is known as Calemaryx—the Chamber.
Over the course of the last three thousand years, the Chamber has spread across Eberron. Its agents are concentrated in Khorvaire, since this is the center of the dragonmarked, a stronghold of the Lords of Dust, and the nexus for events involving the Prophecy. Many dragons are still dubious about the mission of the Chamber, and the Eyes of Chronepsis are always ready to eliminate any agent of the Chamber who goes too far. It is a dangerous life, but those who serve the Chamber are shaping the future of Eberron.

Source: Dragons of Eberron

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